Various Pagan Tools

‘The Harvester’

‘To cut what you have grown and gather it in it, to use, transform or discard’

  • Description
  • A two-tine antler from deer, the all-giver.
  • Copper wire to conduct the energy – to and from
  • Black, white, red and yellow ribbons for the four directions and ways of being.
  • Rabbit fur to carry the intent across the dimensions
  • Rune glyphs on the front;
  • Sol – The Rune of Energy and Revelation
  • Dagaz – The Rune of Transformation
  • Mannaz – The Rune of Humanity
  • ‘Energy and revelation to transform humanity’ which includes the Self
  • Rune glyph on the back;
  • Algiz – The Rune of Protection and Opportunity
  • ‘To offer the opportunity to do so and the protection to do so without harm’

The Harvester

See above for full description of this one-off pagan tool. The price includes postage to the UK only.


‘Peace and Calm’ Feather SOLD!
The peace and Calm Feather
Peace and Calm Feather

‘To remove irritation and bring contentment’

  • Description
  • Wood Pidgeon Feather – These birds are known for their Devotion, Gentleness, Peace-loving and Resilience
  • Suede Leather Thong for binding the intention
  • Rabbit Fur to carry the intent across the dimensions
  • Blue Lace Agate Bead for calming
  • Please note that the tip of the feather is open to allow the energies to flow.  It is approximately 28mm long.

Peace and Calm Feather

See above for full description of this one-off pagan tool. Price includes postage in the UK only.


  • How to Use
  • Whisper your intention into the Feather and brush it through your aura (or the aura of the person wanting to bring in contentment).  Alternatively say your intention to send contentment out into the world place the feather in your sacred space, on a Quartz cluster or a Reiki grid to send out to the Universe.

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