All therapies carried out by Jane Morris BA (Hons), OFI Dip FT, ITEC Dip APBM, FE Dip MCS, SAC Dip CH, BSY Dip Ad CT, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, MBVFEA, MTABI

Aura Cleansing – gently releases unhelpful energies from your aura, cleansing and restoring the auric layers to balance, aiding your physical, mental, emotional and spiritually levels, by using a combination of tools and techniques.

60 minutes: £30

Hand-made Aura Cleansing Sprays for personal are for sale £10

Chakra Balancing – gently releases unhelpful energies from the chakra system, cleansing and returning it to balance, restoring a harmonious flow of energy throughout the system. It brings a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation, centeredness, and increased vitality by using a combination of tools and techniques. 60 minutes: £30

Colour Therapy (aka Chromotherapy) uses energy relating to each of the seven spectrum colours in various shades. The energy of colour affects us on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As well as working directly with the chakras, Colour Therapy helps in overcoming unhelpful colour associations, that may have attached to us throughout our lives.  Working with the appropriate colour(s) helps to release unhelpful thoughts and feelings, free blocks and re-balance the mental, emotional, spiritual and, in turn, physically.60 minutes: £30

Crystal Hand Massage – is a relaxing therapy for the hands and arms, giving you the benefit of a hand massage with the energies of crystals, which can provide significant health benefits. 60 minutes: £30

Crystal Therapy – gently remove blockages and clears the energetic flow through the body, bringing a sense of peace and well-being on all levels. 60 minutes: £30

Essence Therapy – an individual mix of essences are blended for you to use to aid subtle changes on your emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 60 minutes: £35 includes personalised 10ml Essence to take home.

Face and Scalp Massage – a gentle and relaxing massage for the face and scalp. 30 minutes: £20

Natural Combination Therapy – uses a combination of any of these tools and techniques sound, reiki and other tools and techniques alongside crystals, non-medicinal herbs and essences to bring your body into balance. 60 minutes: £40 includes your own personalised ‘kit’ to take home to help you further.  This may include such items as crystals, herbs, wood, candle, oil, vibrational essence as appropriate for your goal. 

Reiki Therapies

Absent (Distance) Grid Reiki – the name of person, animal place or situation is placed in a Distance Reiki Grid and sent continual Reiki energy for as long as needed. Free
Absent (Distance ) Reiki – is a full Reiki therapy given where the person is not physically present. 60 minutes: £30

Crystal Reiki – combines Reiki with the energies of crystals to benefit all levels of the body. 60 minutes: £30
Karuna Reiki – Is a Reiki system founded by William Lee Rand, using high vibrational symbols and chants. 60 minutes: £30
Usui Reiki – is the Reiki system of healing, named after Mikao Usui, the founder of modern-day Reiki in the West. 60 minutes: £30

Sound Therapy – uses the vibrations of singing bowls, rattles, drums, tingshas and sticks to restore the normal vibratory frequency of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the body. 60 minutes: £30

Tuning Fork Therapy works on the physical body, chakras, our subtle bodies and other energy gateways and pathways.  When a tuning fork is struck, it vibrates the surrounding air space and this sends the vibration as an impulse through the air, which can then be harnessed to help increase the healing energy inside us.  A healing session using tuning forks is a very individual and gentle treatment, which may improve overall physical health, relieve pain and stress, balance the nervous system, reduce inflammation, induce relaxation, transform and facilitate inner harmony and balance chakras and release energy blocks.  60 minutes: £30

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