Personalised Herb and Tumblestone Charm Bag

Do you have a goal you wish to achieve, an obstacle you want to overcome or wish to make some improvement to your life?  You could try a Herb and Tumblestone Charm Bag personally made for you to help you. 

Selection of Herbs, Tumblestones and Velvet Bag to make a Personalised Charm Bag
Selection of possible contents of your Charm Bag

A selection of appropriate herbs, trees and plants for the intended purpose will be hand sewn into a coloured felt bag.  Three Tumblestones will be added to aid you in accomplishing your aims.  The Herb Bag and the Tumblestones along with full instructions will be presented in a black velvet bag.

Just let me know what your gaol or wish is, and I will do the rest.  Each bag is £7 including postage in the UK.  Payment to be made by Paypal.

Please note that if a particular moon phase is needed to enhance the herb or stone energies then you may have to wait a short while to receive your Charm Bag, however I shall let you know if this is the case.

Made by Jane Morris BA (Hons), OFI Dip FT, ITEC Dip APBM, FE Dip MCS, SAC Dip CH, BSY Dip Ad CT, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, MBVFEA, MTABI

Personalised Charm Bag

A mixture of herbs in a felt bag with three Tumblestones to help you achieve your goal. Please state what your goal is, so that I can choose the appropriate ingredients. Price includes postage and packing and posted in the UK only.


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