Pagan Travel Kit in a Bag

Pagan Bags with Contents

This Pagan Travel Kit has been made and put together by a practising pagan of many years.  The handmade items have been created from respectfully gathered natural products and put together with intention and appropriate words of making. It is light and easy to take with you on your walks through nature.

For a limited time only – Normally £22 – SPECIAL OFFER £18! – including p&p in UK only

Each Bag Contains:

  • Feather (East/Air), Shell (West/Water), Stone (North/Earth), T-Lite (South/Fire) to represent the Four Directions
  • Charm representations of the Goddess and the God
  • Charm Pentagram (the Goddess, God and Pentagram Charms may be worn if you are guided to do so).
  • Candle: for your own ritual or spell working
  • Bag of Herbs to keep in the bag, burn in a transformation ritual or use as offering, it contains a mix of: Agrimony L, Alder CL, Ash S, Eucalyptus L, Hyssop LW, Juniper B, Mugwort L, Nettle L, Rowan BLW, Scots Pine LSW (Berry, Cone, Leaves, Seeds, Wood)
  • White Sage Incense Sticks: use with care and caution
  • Anointing Oil: see bottle for herb used
  • Coloured Felt Altar Cloth: to set your tools on
  • Cleansing/Banishing Salt: to prepare your sacred site
  • Beech Stick: with cartouche for you to draw the ogham symbol if you choose to do so

All of these are presented in a Fair Trade Nepalese Bag, which has an inside pocket, a zipped top, an outer zipped pocket, tassels and a wide carrying strap.


For a full description please see above. You will receive all of the contents; the candle, feather and stick will vary from that shown and the colour of the altar cloth and candle will vary. A list of contents and instructions is supplied with each Pagan Travel Kit Bag. Please choose colour of the bag from RED, BLACK or PURPLE and state your choice on your order. Price includes postage and packing, please note I only ship in the UK.


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