Crystals ‘U-Z’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Ulexite aids meditation and ‘seeing’ into other dimensions and realms.  It enhances intuition, clairvoyance and working with cards and runes.  Messages flow through telepathy and connections to higher energies.  It aids understanding of the Self, others, and wider issues.  It facilitates a tolerance and acceptance of change, and so helps with moving on in life.  Ulexite expands the imagination and creative thinking and helps to assimilate new learning.  It improves retention of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus; necessary for brain function, memory and alertness as well as for the activation of vitamin D.  It benefits those with memory loss either through trauma or disease e.g. dementia.

Unakite (pink Orthoclase Feldspar, Quartz and green Epidote) opens the crown and soul star chakras and enhances psychic ability.  It aids mediation notably whilst focussing on personal development and the path taken.  It unblocks the meridians and aligns the chakras.  The heart chakra is comforted before being gently cleared of outdated energies that are preventing progress, thus allowing you to move on.  It draws up energy from the lower chakras and pulls energy down via the higher ones.  This allows significant personal, spiritual and emotional growth.  It helps build a positive, realistic self-image and facilitates achieving innate potential.  Unakite promotes emotional recovery following severe or chronic illness, exhaustion and trauma, including depression.  It fortifies the body through stimulation of the liver and assimilation of nutrients in the small intestine.  It stimulates the immune system and prompts healing processes.  

Uraninite promotes a holistic view of the world and of the planet in particular.  It encourages humanitarian thinking and actions.  Uraninite integrates body, mind and spirit and brings acting for the Highest Good into conscious everyday living.  It opens, cleans and enhances the heart chakra, but is very potent.  Do not use for this purpose if feeling fragile or vulnerable.  It is beneficial for those undergoing any form of radio- or chemo-therapies.   N.B. It contains Uranium so do not place directly on to the skin nor use for prolonged periods.  Do not ingest in any form and always wash hands after touching Uraninite.                                                       

Vanadinite is very good for meditation (either to empty the mind or to develop physic powers).   Whilst benefiting chakras in general it focuses on connecting the earth star, base, sacral and solar plexus chakras.  These are cleared and aligned, increasing will power, motivation and determination alongside confidence to achieve the set goals, thus bringing plans into reality.  It brings order from chaos, by drawing in negative, wild energies and replacing them with fresh, calm positive ones.  This includes ordering thoughts leading to clear thinking, focusing actions and bringing calm to the environment.  This is one reason it reduces the urge to overspend!  Vanadinite encourages order and focus in life and aids decision-making.  It is helpful for treatment of exhaustion, breathing disorders, asthma and bladder dis-ease. It can reduce tumours and growths and slow down progressive conditions.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any form.                 

Variscite invokes a need to be truthful and authentic to one’s values and chosen path.  It stills the mind making it an ideal stone for meditation. It stimulates psychic awareness, intuition and past life recall.  Variscite lifts the mood and helps overcome feelings of nervousness, tension, anxiety and depression. It fortifies the cells and tissues and benefits muscles and bones.  It reduces the symptoms of chronic tiredness, acid indigestion, gastritis, stomach ulcers, cramps, rheumatism, gout and male reproductive dis-orders.                                                   

Verdite aids accessing and remembering ancient knowledge, especially from ancient indigenous peoples. .  It stimulates the lower chakras, aiding the connection to earth energies.  It enhances the energies of other minerals.  It promotes a sense of ones worth and ability to overcome challenging situations.  Verdite softens an abrasive character.  It helps reduce heart disorders, balances the red and white blood cell count, is beneficial for carpel tunnel syndrome, sore tendons and the spine and aids muscle flexibility.                                                                   

Vesuvianite (Idocrase) facilitates connection to higher beings and the higher Self.  It aids channelling.  It promotes an altruistic outlook.  It is beneficial for those setting out on a new phase in life (marriage, business etc.).  Vesuvianite promotes clear and focussed thinking.  It removes 9negative thought patterns, thus increasing self-belief and confidence and reducing anxiety and depression. 

Vivianite cleanses the aura and benefits the heart, both physically and emotionally.  It lifts the mood and encourages positive thinking, even following chronic illness or depression.  It strengthens the will during times of great challenge.  Vivianite enhances the memory.  It aids the absorption of iron into the blood stream and assists the eye, particularly the iris.   

Wavellite expands the auric field and clears, cleanses and aligns the subtle pathways.  It aids the development of the Self.  Prophetic dreaming is enhanced.  It encourages free flow of energy from the subtle bodies to the physical body.  It promotes clear thinking and decision-making and supports through challenging situations.  Wavellite increases energy levels.  It is helps in the recovery of chronic illnesses and benefits the circulatory system.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any form.

Western Hill Stone (Kanab Goldenstone) is natural sandstone, formed 180-225 million years ago by wind and water at the base of the geological formation ‘Shinarump’, and is found near Kanab, Utah, USA.  The colour and design were introduced by a mineral spring containing iron oxides.  The beautiful product of nature has not been altered in any way, other than being sawn into pieces. 

Wulfenite facilitates psychic development, astral travel and the ancient knowledge to the practice of spell-work.  It promotes acceptance of the existence of the shadow side (negative aspects) of the Self and helps integrate this to form completeness.  It is a good grounding stone and offers protection against radiation and negative energies.  It strengthens will power and the need to succeed.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any form.

Zeoloite (including Inesite, Okenite, Apophyllite, Prehnite, and Stilbite…) aid the reduction and removal of environmental toxic products and odours.  Their energies are extremely beneficial to assist the potency and appropriateness of Reiki.  They release toxins from the body and aid recovery from addictions.  Please see individual information on specific minerals. 

Zinc enhances personal power and assertiveness.  Work with it if you want to get things moving or completed.  It boosts vitality, energy, strength and dynamism.  Zinc encourages growth in children.  It prevents infections and strengthens skin, hair and nails as well as benefiting eyesight.  It helps with problems of the male reproductive organs and prostate gland.  It aids fertility.

Zincite is a powerful meditation tool, particularly when used by a group of light-workers.  Zincite works even better alongside other crystals and amplifies their energies.  It benefits hair, skin and nails.  N.B. Do not use Red Zincite if you are a very competitive person.   Red Zincite is stimulating, dynamic and passionate, increasing the level and intake of Universal energy into the root chakra.  This brings renewed motivation, a commitment to relationships and feelings of joy and passion.  To enhance and develop all forms of creativity work with Orange Zincite.  The Yellow form brings confidence and assertiveness, whilst Blue encourages truthful expression. 

Zircon aids meditation, astral travel and communication with other dimensions.  It brings together the layers and levels of the body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual); providing a powerful synergy.  The unified layers amplify each other and the combined energy speed is increased ten-fold.  Zircon benefits the nervous system, bones and muscles.  N.B Do not use if you are epileptic or have a pacemaker.  Zircon may cause dizziness. 

Zoisite facilitates spiritual development.  It enables individuality and the realisation of your own ideas, whilst including others.  Zoisite encourages recovery following illness or trauma.  It detoxifies tissues, neutralising acid and stimulates the regeneration of cells.  It strengthens the skeletal system and aids the healing of broken bones. N.B. Do not use where tumours are present.    

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