Crystals ‘T’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Talc increases skin inflammation of all kinds, reduces diarrhoea and stomach cramps. N.B. Do not ingest.

Tanzanite stimulates the throat, third eye and crown chakras, increasing spiritual development, intuition and insight.  It aids linking with higher realms and beings as well as to other dimensions.  It offers protection whilst undertaking spiritual advancement.  Tanzanite brings a sense of calm and peace, both for the individual and the environment.  It is beneficial for the skin, including sores.  It encourages recovery following illness or trauma.  It detoxifies tissues and stimulates the regeneration of cells.  N.B. Do not use where tumours are present

Tektite aids communication with extra-terrestrials.  It connects us to the Universal energies assisting with healing modalities like reiki.  It enhances mediation.  It strengthens your energy field and attracts others of similar frequency to you.  It encourages gathering knowledge throughout life and aids insight to life’s purpose.  Tektite balances the masculine and feminine sides of the personality, promoting balanced growth.  It reduces fevers and balances the circulation.  N.B. Tektites fast energy can be too strong for some people.  

Thulite stimulates the life force.  It promotes positive emotions and feelings and enhances charismatic characteristics.  Thulite boosts fertility and reduces problems of the reproductive organs.  It stimulates regeneration of the cells, speeding up recovery form traumatic injuries and surgery.  It fortifies the nervous system.  N.B. Do not use where tumours are present.        

Blue Tiger’s Eye (Falcon Eye) enhances intuition and psychic abilities, particularly connected to the third eye.  It balances yin-yang energy including the needs of the self with the needs of others.  Blue Tiger’s Eye encourages a peaceful outlook.   It calms a fiery personality, but can increase feelings of depression.  It is beneficial for the throat and lungs. 

Gold Tiger’s Eye balances the sacral and solar plexus chakras.  It removes self-defeating beliefs about you and replaces them with a helpful, positive, yet realistic view.  This increases confidence in different situations, making external stresses seem more manageable.  It reflects back anything that is not for your good and attracts abundance.  Gold Tiger’s Eye is a good stone for children and young people who lack confidence in school.  It promotes courage and assertiveness, removes doubts and aids difficult decision-making.  It lifts the mood and dispels negative thoughts.  It alleviates pain and slows the flow of energy through the body, therefore use for short periods only.

Green Tiger’s Eye enhances psychic abilities. It encourages a feeling of oneness with others and the Universe.  It protects from unwanted external influences and stressful situations.  It strengthens the ability to both give and receive love.  Green Tiger Eye alleviates pain, lifts low feelings and supports through challenging times; bringing a sense of harmony.                                                                      

Red Tiger’s Eye strengthens the earth star, base and sacral chakras.  It supports through challenging times by providing the extra energy and motivation to continue.  It protects from unwanted external influences and stressful situations. It increases the flow of energy through the body.  Red Tiger’s Eye encourages assertiveness and boosts confidence. NB. To ensure energy levels remain appropriate; use for one week at a time only. 

Tiger Iron strengthens and aligns the lower chakras.  It is a grounding stone and offers protection.  It gives impetus to make long awaited changes by Artistic abilities are enhanced through the freeing of inhibitions.  Tiger Iron increases vitality; lessening tiredness and exhaustion.  It strengthens the hips and legs to enable moving forward both physical and metaphysically.  It boosts the circulation and the functioning of the liver and kidneys.                 

Titanite (Sphene) high vibration and a fast moving energy speeds spiritual development.  Through the Soul Star, Crown and Brow chakras it connects with higher beings, and aids both astral travel and meditation.  The heart chakra is opened and cleansed, freeing stuck emotions.  In the solar plexus it draws on the lower chakras energies to manifest your hopes and dreams.  This is due to your beliefs, thoughts and behaviour changing to affect those around you and sending out positive ‘I can achieve’ messages to the Universe.  This is coupled with Titanite guiding your thoughts via intuition to choose the best future possible.  It aids emotional recovery, lifting the mood and dissolving past hurts.  It is beneficial for the immune system, tissues, bones (including osteoporosis) skin, teeth and muscles.

Blue Topaz aids linking to higher beings including angels and as well as to accessing ancient wisdom.  It enables the messages and information to be channelled accurately.  Blue Topaz aids communication and expression.  It is calming, inspiring and uplifting.  It soothes the whole body and helps reduce stress.  It lessens throat disorders.  N.B. Be sure you are ready to work with this fast, high vibrational energy.

Clear Topaz enhances all psychic abilities, enabling messages and information to be ‘seen’ and understood clearly.  Often these will be prophetic; of events and actions that are to take place soon, thus allowing appropriate action to be taken to avoid tragedy (if this is appropriate).  It encourages self-confidence and the use of your own talents and skills in a generous way.  It enables plans to be put into action and reduces self-imposed restrictions.  Clear Topaz fortifies the nerves and helps at times of nervous exhaustion.   It stimulates the appetite, and activates all the metabolic processes.   N.B. Be sure you are ready to work with this fast, high vibrational energy.

Green Topaz refreshes at a fundamental level, bringing a sense of wonder, freshness and joy.  It brings strength to those who have struggled over long periods of life’s challenges and facilitates a genuine peacefulness.  It gentle reminds you to be kind to yourself.  Green Topaz aids the function of the lungs and heart, aids the assimilation of nutrients and encourages lymph drainage.            

Imperial Topaz enhances psychic ability, particularly connecting with spirit guides, guardian angels and the Ancestors.  It has a strong affiliation with Nature and augments getting in touch with animals, tress plants etc.  It builds confidence in self-ability, aids formulating ideas and provides the confidence to achieve these.  Imperial Topaz boosts the nervous system and helps states of nervous exhaustion.  The functioning of the metabolism is optimised.  N.B. Be sure you are ready to work with this fast, high vibrational energy.

Pink Topaz brings a sense of hope and optimism.  It gently comforts and soothes, especially emotionally.  It encourages and supports loving your Self, and thereafter others.  Pink Topaz encourages good blood flow and aids the function of the heart.

Silver Topaz enhances clairvoyance, clairaudience and intuition.  It facilitates communication with other realms and higher beings, as well as those of past civilisations.  It opens forgotten memories of both past lives and collective ancient wisdom.  Silver Topaz aids clear and analytical thinking.  It reduces and removes blockages on all levels, releasing unhelpful emotional blocks.  It increases the flow and efficacy of the body’s systems, being especially helpful for those with respiratory, circulatory or digestive dis-ease.  N.B. Be sure you are ready to work with this fast, high vibrational energy.

Smokey Topaz is a highly protective stone.  It stimulates the intellect and aids abstract thinking and creativity, and manifesting this in concrete form.  It reduces negative energies, including tension and exhaustion.  Smokey Topaz increases blood circulation, strengthens liver and kidney function, gallbladder, spleen, digestive organs and sexual dysfunction.  It promotes tissue regeneration, benefits the nervous system and detoxifies body.  It reduces pain associated with disorders of the liver, gall bladder and endocrine glands.  N.B. Although having a softer energy than most Topaz, it is fast and deep and can take past being comfortable.

Torbernite stimulates the higher chakras and aids communication with angelic realms.  It facilitates finding your true path to learn the lessons for this life.  It brings a sense of peace and contentment.  It helps to reduces growths.  N.B. It contains Uranium so do not place directly on to the skin nor use for prolonged periods.  N.B Do not ingest in any form and always wash hands after touching Torbernite. 

Black Tourmaline (Schorl) clears, connects and aligns the subtle pathways of the subtle bodies.  This can initially be an uncomfortable experience, but worth it afterwards.  It is a powerful protective stone; protecting from all electromagnetic radiation, including from mobile phones and computers, and also from psychic attacks of all descriptions.  Therefore it assists therapists of all kinds in keeping their energy fields safe.  In addition the environment is cleared of harmful energies.  It is a good grounding stone.  Black Tourmaline aids the releases of negative thoughts as well as stress and tension.  It increases strength and vitality.  It detoxifies the physical body and strengthens the immune system.  It reduces pain and benefits those with arthritis.               

Blue Tourmaline (Indocoloite) aids meditation, intuition and psychic abilities, particularly communication with higher beings and channelling.   It brings profound insights and promotes thinking and behaviour from the higher self.  It protects from negative energies.  It enables effective and honest verbal communication. Old emotion pain is healed as past hurts dissolve, leaving room for fresh positive energies to take their place.  Blue Tourmaline reduces pain, (especially of the sinuses) and is a great general healing aid.  It particularly benefits the lungs, throat, thyroid, thymus, larynx, oesophagus and especially the heart.                           

Brown Tourmaline (Dravite) aids connection with the realms of the Fey, as well as the energies of the Earth, including ley lines and stone circles.  It clears and repairs the aura.  It offers protection on all levels, especially for those involved with vibrational healing.  It helps with centring and grounding.  It transmutes negative energies into positive ones from the individual or environment, leaving a sense of calmness.  Dravite increases determination and willpower to achieve set goals.  It is beneficial for the immune and digestive systems and liver.  Also it helps the hips and legs, aiding both physical and metaphysical movement.

Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) aids meditation, especially concerning this life’s contractual path.  It helps to connect with Nature; tree and plant lore and the faery world.  It opens and expands the heart chakra, clearing out anything that is no longer necessary to allow fresh energies in.  It attracts success and abundance, including financial security, as well as enhancing new projects.  Verdelite increases vitality and prolonged energy.  It reduces anxieties, helps overcome phobias and calms the nerves.  It balances the emotions and brings a sense of peace and contentment.  It aids sleeping and benefits the heart, thymus and immune system.    

Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite) aids meditation which brings insights for personal and spiritual development.  It strengthens the heart chakra, clearing away blockages and enabling the shift from the lower chakras to the higher.  It increases will power and determination alongside realistic expectations.  It increases creativity, and promotes the acceptance of the feminine aspect, for both men and women.  It attracts abundance.  Pink Tourmaline lifts the mood, releases and balances the emotions, making the world seem a better place for those who are at a low point.  It eases pain following grief and loss.  It enhances a loving relationship.  It balances the electrochemical system and strengthens both the immune and reproductive systems. 

Watermelon Tourmaline (Bicolour) is one of the best crystals for the heart chakra; being both green and pink in colour and having a softer, gentler energy than other Tourmalines.  Spiritually, it connects to the higher Self allowing the giving and receiving of unconditional love.  Also, it enhances contact with guardian angels and spirit guides.  Emotionally, it removes blocks, particularly long-standing ones that are holding up your development, allowing you to move forward.  Watermelon Tourmaline is very beneficial for those feeling deep grief and loss, especially concerning the unexpected or traumatic death of a loved one. 

Tremolite facilitates communication on all levels, including with those not physically present and with higher beings.  It awakens inner knowledge and encourages self-realisation at a spiritual level.  Tremolite raises the mood and instils optimism.  It is beneficial for the nervous system, especially for those with anxiety or fearfulness.  It stimulates the kidneys, aids the assimilation of calcium and magnesium.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any form. 

Tsavorite (a variety of Grossular Garnet) it enhances mediumistic abilities and connecting with ancient races.  It draws abundance and prosperity.  It provides strength and courage.  Tsavorite fortifies the heart and improves its functioning.  It reduces symptoms of spinal dis-ease, improves posture and reduces pain of the neck shoulders or back.  It fortifies the kidneys, is good for the skin and mucous membranes and is beneficial against rheumatism and arthritis.   N.B. Do not use for long periods with children and babies due to aluminium content. 

Turquenite (Blue Howlite) brings fresh solutions to long standing problems and enables the realisation of goals.  It strengthens the character, bringing out positive traits.  It has a calming effect on stress and anger, releasing pressure through expression, either verbally or creatively.  Blue Howlite eases tension including headaches and also symptoms of restless leg syndrome.It induces restful sleep.  It helps to boosts calcium levels in the body and is beneficial for teeth, bones and soft tissues.  It is soothing for throat conditions.   

Turquoise opens the brow and crown chakras and facilitates communicating with spirit guides and totem animals and strengthening connections with the Natural world and its rhythms.  It enables images and messages to be accepted and understood at a deep level.  It encourages the recognition of your own responsibility for situations, and emphasises the self-creation of your own destiny.  Working on the throat chakra it enables honest, eloquent and creative expression.  It purifies the aura and subtle bodies, as well as the environment.  It is a protective stone against physical and psychic attack and negative, unhelpful energies.  Turquoise stabilises mood fluctuations and promotes inner calm.  It refreshes and energises when tired and lifts the mood when feeling down.  Turquoise reduces symptoms of rheumatism, gout, stomach problems and viral infections and neutralises acidity.   It increases muscular strength, regeneration, and brain activity.  It alleviates pain and cramps and is an anti- inflammatory and detoxifier.  It soothes sore throats, particularly when there is no obvious physical cause.   N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any form.

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