Crystals ‘Q’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Quantum Quattro Silica™ is a mineral combination of royal blue Shattuckite, mid blue Chrysocolla, forest green Dioptase, dark Smokey Quartz and pale green Malachite.  Therefore, it combines the energies of these crystals with much more besides and is considered a Master Healer.  It is thought that this stone has been revealed to us now as we approach 2012, the start of the Mayan 6th World and Ascension.  In preparation for this, it restructures the immune system by working within the DNA, to open meridians and other fine gateways and paths to accommodate and work with the new, high frequency energies.  Quantum-Quattro facilitates the healing of mental and emotional past trauma triggered and releases associated blocks in all levels of the body.  It aligns, strengthens and balances all the subtle energy bodies.  This stone brings mental clarity and focus, is an excellent conduit to access higher realms and beings and strengthen spiritual development.  N.B. It has a fast energy so use with care.  Do not place in drinking water or ingest in anyway.          

Alluvial Quartz is naturally tumbled in rivers and usually has an area that is unpolished which gives it the appearance of looking at a scene through a window.  Sometimes they have inclusions such as Actinolite and Chlorite.  The energy of Alluvial Quartz is similar to that of Clear Quartz; however it has a gentle rhythm of its own.  It facilitates connection to the sea; its creatures and Atlantis.  It aids the development of intuition, psychic awareness and insight.                                                                             

Aqua Quartz strengthens a connection with the natural ebb and flow of nature’s rhythms.  It reduces feelings of stress and calms the emotions.  In times of challenge it gently offers reassurance and hope.  Aqua Quartz enables speaking truthfully form the heart.  It aids digestion, reduces inflammation of the intestines and ameliorates disorders of the throat. It benefits eyesight.

Blue Quartz awakens the third eye and strengthens the connection to intuition.  It aids divination.  It increases motivation to complete long-standing tasks.  Blue Quartz provides support and comfort during times of distress and helps to build self- esteem and confidence.  It enhances communication and expression.  It reduces throat disorders and slows circulation.   N.B. Use with care if taking medication for the circulation.

Brandberg Quartz (combining Clear and Smokey Quartz with Amethyst) has a very high vibration giving a gentle, yet powerful energy.  It opens up the higher chakras, including the soul star and brings the physical, ethereal and astral bodies into balance.  It intensifies all psychic endeavours.  It enhances intuition, also meditation by inducing a beta state.   It aids communication with other realms and channelling the information given.  Brandberg Quartz offers protection on the all levels.  It releases stress and tension, bringing a sense of well-being.

Candle (Pineapple) Quartz opens communication with the ancestors, higher beings and Universal energy.  This facilitates a deep understanding of the Self through access to ancient knowledge and wisdom.  It is ideal for path-working, medicine wheel and ancient ceremonies and rituals.  It aids the development of light-workers and those seeking ascension.  It enables a reconciliation and integration of the True and Shadow Selves.  Candle Quartz helps to retain control when many things are happening at once and also to work in harmony with others.  It promotes feelings of contentment, optimism and inner peace.  It increases general well-being and good health, bringing mind, body and spirit into balance.  NB. This is a powerful energy and should only be worked with if you are sure you are ready.

Chalcedony Quartz helps balance energy on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  It encourages goodwill; alleviating irritation, hostility and melancholy.  It boosts the assimilation of minerals and increases mental stability.  It aids mental processes including memory recall and reduces symptoms of dementia.  Chalcedony Quartz provides energy, strength and vitality, particularly in connection with spiritual growth.                                                            

Chlorite Quartz is a very powerful healing stone, having the combined properties of both Clear Quartz and Chlorite.  It purifies, cleanses and balances the aura, chakras and meridian systems.  Additionally it mends leaks and tears in the auric field.  It aids meditation and communication with other worlds, especially of the faery realm.  It strengthens our connection to Nature and its rhythms.  It removes negative and unhelpful energies form the environment.  Chlorite Quartz reduces anger and exasperation, instead bringing a sense of agreement and co-operation.  It increases assimilation of Vitamins A and E, calcium, iron and magnesium, eliminates toxins and reduces feelings of physical pain.  It benefits the organs and aids physical healing in general.       

Clear Quartz can be programmed to do almost anything!  Briefly, it stimulates healing, personal growth and spiritual development.  It creates carrier waves of pure energy and stimulates energy flow of the meridians.  It aids focus and amplifies its own energy and that of other crystals and energetic healing modalities (e.g. Reiki).  It transfers encoded information to the bloodstream and so to all parts of the body.  Clear Quartz transmutes unwanted information trapped in bones, tissues and the unconscious, allowing it to leave the body and change into positive helpful energies.  It stimulates harmonious brain activity, balancing the rational, logical analytic mind with that of the intuitive, psychic and nurturing side.  It restores energy structure to the physical body, enhancing the function of all organs and systems.  It releases stress and prevents burn-out and exhaustion.

Galena in Quartz is a powerful stone.  It strengthens psychic abilities, particularly communication with other realms (including mediumistic skills), clairvoyance and telepathy.   It aids those uses divinatory tools e.g. tarot cards, pendulums etc.  It amplifies the energies around it, including other healing modalities.  It is an excellent stone for centring and grounding.   Galena in Quartz aids the treatment of skin infections and inflammation, and blood circulation and veins.  It stimulates circulation and blood flow, increasing energy and efficiency as it brings nutrients to the organs and eliminates toxins.  N.B. Do not ingest in any form or place in drinking water, due to its lead content.  Do NOT use if taking medication for circulatory problems or if you have disease of the circulation.

Golden Himalayan Quartz (Golden Healer) has a very high vibration.  It works on all the main chakras, starting at the Earth Chakra; cleansing and clearing each one before moving on and increasing in strength the further up it travels.  It raises the vibrations of the physical and subtle bodies, which can lead to many challenges and changes, so this can be an uncomfortable time but worth it in the end!   Golden Himalayan Quartz aids all psychic work and speeds up development in this area.  In particular it facilitates communication with other realms and beings.  It profoundly deepens insight to the Self and this life’s purpose.  It has a very dynamic and powerful energy, only use if you are prepared for the challenges it brings.

Harlequin (Lepidocrocite) Quartz activates clears and energises the higher chakras.  It aids communication with higher realms and beings and enables telepathic transmission on all levels.  It enhances meditation and psychic awareness.   Harlequin Quartz lightens your mood and outlook by bringing a sense of optimism and fun.  It benefits blood circulation and strengthens the heart muscle. 

Hematoid Quartz combines the energies of Quartz with that of Hematite.  It helps in finding your life’s path and facilitates acceptance of this.  It cleanses and refreshes the lower chakras.  It increases energy levels.  Hematoid Quartz aids clear thinking and decision-making and offers support when making difficult changes.   It is beneficial for the digestive system, especially irritable bowel syndrome.  It aids the absorption of nutrients and speeds the circulatory system.  N.B. Do not use if you have any disease of the circulatory system.                                                            

Ipupiara means, ‘Fresh Water Dolphin’ in the language of the people in the Ureu-eu-wau-wau, of the Brazilian Amazon and the crystals are found only within water in the mine.  Each piece holds its own unique type of water energy and all have images that can be clearly seen and many stories waiting to be told. This Quartz is very interactive and receptive to awakening the energy within. Ipupiara Clear Quartz provides balance to all areas at different levels.  Ipupiara Smokey Quartz aids the release of negativity, provides formidable protection and is excellent for grounding.

Lemurian (Seed) Crystals are identified by horizontal striations that run across the sides; usually on alternating sides.  Often they have additional formations such as Laser, Dow, Chaneller etc.  Some have a reddish or pinkish tinge, which is indicative of the porcelain clay in which they are found.   Usually they are found singly and are said to have been seeded by the ancient race of Lemuria, who inscribed potent information into the crystals before planting them in the earth, a bit like a bar code.  Lemurian Crystals clear, cleanse and align chakras, meridians and nadis, allowing life force energy to flow freely throughout the subtle bodies.  They connect through the soul star chakra to the Universe where they both pick up and transmit energetic vibrations.  They are especially good for communicating with ancient races, guides and angels, where some the information stored in them is released into our consciousness.  They aid the development of all psychic and and intuitive work including mediation, astral traveling, divination and spell work.  They amplify all vibrational healing modalities, particularly on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  In this work, they excel at clearing blockages on all levels, removing the old, worn out and no longer helpful energies and replacing them with fresh, clear, positive ones.  Using the crystals this way can be uncomfortable to say the least and will bring many changes into your life, so do not use if you are not ready for this to happen.  They purify the aura and ‘patch up’ energy leaks, as well as offering protection from psychic attack.  They raise the vibration of the immediate environment.  N.B. Lemurian Crystals have an extremely fast-flowing and powerful energy, therefore use these crystals with care!

Lithium Quartz aids spiritual awareness and development.  It opens and stimulates the brow chakra (third eye) and enhances meditation.  It is   an excellent crystal to bring balance to all aspects of the body.  It heals the aura and chakras, removing unhelpful energies.  It is particularly beneficial for the heart chakra, where the Lithium content lightens the mood and brings a sense of peace and contentment, benefiting those with depressive disorders.  It regulates and balances the chemical and hormonal functioning of the body. 

Milky Quartz (Snow Quartz) reaches the inner child; bringing playfulness and fun into life. It brings a sense of calm and keeps thinking processes rational, even in the most trying of situations.  It aids the assimilation of information and concentration.  Milky Quartz raises the spirits and encourages an optimistic outlook.  It is beneficial for those with allergies and skin dis-eases.

Orange River Quartz combines the energies of Quartz with that of Hematite.  It helps in finding your life’s path and facilitates acceptance of this.  It cleanses the lower chakras, energises and refreshes.  Orange River Quartz aids clear thinking and decision-making and offers support when making difficult changes.   It is beneficial for the digestive system, especially irritable bowel syndrome.  

Red Quartz has a unique three-faced point.  It connects to the cosmic energies and brings to consciousness via the soul star chakra.  Additionally it has a strong earth connection and enhances any work with herbs, flowers and trees.  It draws in that which you need (but might not want).  It provides strength, energy and motivation.  It aids the production of red blood cells and boosts the circulation.  N.B. Use with care if taking mediation for the circulation.   

Red Orange River Quartz aids the acceptance of the Self’s journey, by facilitating insight and Self-realisation.  It aligns the lower chakras, strengthens energy levels and increases willpower and vitality.  It is an excellent grounding stone.  Red Orange River Quartz clarifies thought processes and aids decision-making.   It improves the body’s oxygen supply, absorbs iron, and stabilises health in general. 

Rose Quartz strengthens the heart chakra to facilitate unconditional love of both yourself and the Self.   This may be difficult to accept at first and for most people will require a change in behaviour e.g. sometimes saying ‘no’.  Therefore some relationships may end, however this makes room for new ones that will help you to develop.  It builds self-esteem. And respect of yourself and others.  It promotes and supports openness, empathy, sensitivity and honesty.  Rose Quartz is an excellent crystal for relationships and romance.  It stimulates blood circulation, fortifies the heart and increases fertility for those wanting a child.                                             

Rutilated Quartz is a ‘turbo powered’ version of Clear Quartz, making it a very powerful stone!  It strengthens meditation, spiritual communications, divination and dream work, simultaneously deflecting negative/unhelpful psychic energies.  It augments spell and ritual working.  It quickly clears the subtle pathways of the body, getting to the source of imbalance.  It promotes expansive thinking and the removal of unnecessary restrictions.  It aids decision making.  Rutilated Quartz benefits those with depression and lethargy, bringing hope, easing stress and increasing energy.  It boosts the respiratory system and reduces disorders of it, particularly bronchitis.  It stimulates the regeneration power of all cells and energy flow, helping those with fatigue of any kind.  N.B. Do not use if tumours are present.    

Smokey Quartz offers a very high level of protection from psychic and physical attack, harmful radiation (computer, T.V., mobile phone etc) and from other negative energies.  It is a strong grounding crystal.  It aids concentration and focus.  Smokey Quartz helps through times of grief and loss when feelings of despair and hopelessness are intense.  It promotes a relaxed attitude, reduces the predisposition to stress, and encourages realistic choices.  It reduces pain and cramps, particularly in the back.  It fortifies the nerves and it reduces the need for harmful addictions (e.g. somoking, alcohol drinking and drug taking).         

Spirit (Cactus) Quartz may be covered with tiny crystals of Amethyst, Citrine, White and Smokey Quartz.  The healing energies radiate from each of the tiny terminations and shower the environment and unhelpful energies are absorbed.  Spirit Quartz aids the development of spirituality, insight and intuition.  It facilitates access to, and understanding of, ancient knowledge and facilitates channelling.  It cleanses the aura and removes blockages in the subtle bodies.  It energises on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  Spirit Quartz promotes peace and harmony for individuals and communities, as well as providing protection.  It encourages abundance of whatever is needed.  It reduces the symptoms of allergies that affect the skin, benefits the colon and detoxifies the physical body.  It is beneficial to those with attention disorders or obsessive behaviour patterns. 

Star Quartz (Hollandite) is an excellent stone for meditation.  It facilitates connection and communication with other worlds and beings, especially spirit guides, guardian angels and totem animals.  It aligns the lower and higher chakras.  Harlequin Quartz draws abundance.  It lifts the mood and boosts optimism.  It increases vitality and passion.    

Tangerine Quartz facilitates both connection to and acceptance of, the Self, encouraging development and a deep understanding of what is in the Self’s best interests (not always what we think or hope it is!)  Tangerine Quartz increases self-esteem and confidence and promotes motivation and determination to achieve one’s goals.  It aids all types of creativity.  It is helps those with problems of the reproductive organs. 

Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful stone with a fast energy.  It offers protection on all levels, particularly against psychic attack of all kinds.  It magnifies the energy of thought and intention increasing the potency of all energetic work including spell work, grids and healing.  This is a case of ‘be careful want you wish for’.   It amplifies the energy of other crystals and also of energetic healing modalities e.g. reiki.  It sends pure light through the pathways of the subtle bodies.  It protects from negative thoughts (from the self and others) and stimulates clear, logical and rational thought processes.  Tourmalinated Quartz alleviates pain and encourages healing from cuts and wounds and the formation of scars.  It neutralises radiation energy, so helps those undergoing chemotherapy etc.  It is excellent to use for healing when you want to add some support or protection alongside the use of Clear Quartz.

Tiger Quartz aids connection to the natural world and the ebb and flow of its rhythms.  It supports and motivates during difficult times.  It promotes courage and assertiveness.  Tiger Quartz increases confidence and self-esteem.  It is beneficial for digestion, particularly the lower bowel.  It strengthens hips and pelvis.                                                    

Whitehead Quartz revives memories of past lives, particularly those who living at the time of Atlantis and Lemuria.  It facilitates the opening of the crown and soul star chakras and accelerates the development of the associations of these higher chakras, as well as raising the body’s vibrations considerably.  Whitehead Quartz gives direction and focus to chosen pathways, bringing understanding and acceptance of both large and small challenges.  This provides a sense of inner calmness, peace and contentment.  It energises the body, encouraging motivation, determination and enthusiasm.  It sharpens the intellect and aids communication.  It is beneficial to all physical body systems that are decelerating or atrophying.   

Yellow Quartz aids spiritual development.  It projects inner positive energies to the external world and increases the ability to get on with others.  It enhances self-confidence and self-acceptance.  The paler Yellow Quartz increases enthusiasm, motivation and joy, while the darker colours increase determination and ambition.    

Quartzite is an excellent all-round stone (similar to Clear Quartz); however it has a softer and more fluid energy.  In particular, it supports during challenging times and when ready it facilitates move forward.  It encourages using the right brain to strengthen creativity, intuition and psychic awareness.                    

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