Crystals ‘P’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Peacock Ore (Bornite) stimulates the chakras and removes negativity.  It brings freshness into life and a feeling of abundance; easing challenging situations and bringing a sense of happiness.  It is an excellent healing stone; promoting health and balance at the cellular level and for tissue formation.  N.B. Do not cleanse in water or salt nor place in drinking water.       

Pearl benefits the aura, removing unhelpful energies and bringing in light energy.   It protects from psychic attacks.  It is sacred to many lunar deities and is a lucky charm.  It encourages a pure heart and mind and removes negativity in all forms from your life.  Pearl releases emotional stress, calms and brings inner peace.  It aids digestion and the immune system and.  N.B. Cleanse frequently

Pearlspar (aka Larvikite) facilitates psychic development, particularly enhancing the third eye.  This aids new thinking and opens new avenues of opportunity.  It aids assimilation of new information.  Pearlspar brings a sense of hope and optimism, lifting the mood and increasing self-belief.

Peridot encourages detachment from outside influences and living true to the Self; bringing a sense of peace and contentment.  It dissipates stored anger and aids self-forgiveness.  Peridot is a potent detoxifier, optimising the function of the liver, kidneys and gallbladder.  It stimulates the metabolism and reduces skin problems and respiratory dis-ease.                   

Petalite has a very high vibrational frequency.  It facilitates angelic communication and connection with Universal energies.  It aids intuition and meditation and provides understanding of messages received.  It energises all aspects and levels of the body and also of the environment.  Petalite balances the endocrine system and promotes the healing of AIDS and cancer.  It benefits cells in general and in particular eyes, lungs and intestines.                                                        

Pharaoh Stone facilitates communication with both ancient civilisations and individual deities who have knowledge that is now ready to be understood and used.  It connects the energies contained in the earth to those of the universe, melding them into a single energy.  It balances the subtle bodies and develops the crown and soul star chakras.  Pharaoh Stone repels unhelpful energies and attracts helpful ones. It brings a sense of hope and optimism and lifts the mood, thus reducing both stress and depression.  It aids mobility, particularly of the hips, knees and ankles.  

Phenacite (Phenakite) has one of the highest crystal vibrations and can amplify the energies of other crystals.  Its potent energy clears blocks in the subtle pathways.  It opens and strengthens the brow, crown and soul star chakras, facilitating connections with the highest realms and beings leading to preparation for ascension.  It enables access to the Akashic Records as an aid to healing.  Phenacite connects directly with the individual chakras, particularly the higher ones.  It works to the Spiritual Law of as above so below, and works most effectively with those who have raised their vibrational level.  N.B. Have a stone handy to ground yourself after working with this powerful crystal.         

Phosphosiderite opens and magnifies our spirituality by strengthening and healing the heart chakra.  On the lower level it aids the recovery from old wounds from childhood (and past lives), which have remained and grown in adulthood; feelings of worthlessness, failure, being unlovable (you get the idea).  It gently changes and repairs these outdated and unhelpful experiences and storying, and draws in positive experiences to replace them thus increasing confidence, self-worth etc. On the higher level it facilitates true unconditional love of the Self and of others; embracing new encounters and accepting ‘what is’ without judgement.  Phosphosiderite cleanses and smooths the aura and used on the third eye it deepens insight.  Although it is a powerful stone, it has a gentle and calm energy; it takes you by the hand and walks with you.

Picturestone emphasises the cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth.  It facilitates the acceptance of changes in one’s life, whether they are chosen or not.  It is a grounding stone, which helps you to keep in touch with what is possible and achievable.  It reduces feelings of resentment, guilt and sadness attached to both the past and the present.  Picturestone encourages opening up, creativity and lateral thinking.  It aids the skin, hair and large intestine and speeds the healing of fractured bones and wounds. 

Pietersite enhances meditation, astral travel and soul work.  It promotes the linking of universal and natural energies, which aids light-workers wishing to help the earth.  It clears confusion, aids coping and helps mental processes and concentration.  Pietersite renews and purifies the physical body.  It stimulates the pituitary gland thus aiding growth, metabolism, blood pressure and body temperature, and reduces respiratory dis-ease.   

Pipestone enhances the connection to ancient Native American traditions and legends, in particular the Minnesota Native tribes.  It is seen as a representation of All That Is; the sacredness and oneness of all life.     

Pop Rocks align and balance the subtle bodies and chakras by using a ‘male’ and ‘female’ stone.  They clean, charge and fill voids in the aura, as well as closing any leaks.  They are an excellent source of energy and good stones for grounding.  Pop Rocks help reduce pain and are good for general healing and regeneration.  N.B. If tumours are present do not use.     

Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) activates the heart chakra, attuning it to the higher chakras and to the Higher Self.  It facilitates links to ancient wisdom and the assimilation of that knowledge.  It offers protection on all levels.  Prasiolite brings abundance in whatever form is needed, but not necessarily in the way you hope for!  It boosts confidence and self-worth.  Prasiolite lifts the emotions, particularly at times of stress and grief.  It reduces pain, and facilitates general wellness, both physical and mental/emotionally.  It helps lessen pain and swellings from injuries and reduces symptoms of lung and intestinal dis-eases.  N.B. Do not cleanse in sunlight.

Prehnite facilitates the development of channelling and divination.  It promotes dreaming, and remembering and understanding the dreams.  Prehnite enhances analytical thinking and increases perception levels.  It removes avoidance; helping to accept truths, even of unpleasant or ‘forgotten’ experiences, whilst offering protection.  It stimulates the metabolism of fat, the regeneration of processes of the body and removes of toxins.  N.B. Only use if you are ready to make changes.    

Prehnite with Epidote increases and enhances the individual energies of each mineral.  Channels and communication with other realms are clearer and intensified and divination becomes more focussed and precise.  Intuition, insight, psychic ability and spirituality are developed and amplified (wanted or not!).  The subtle bodies are cleansed, removing long-standing blocks and issues previously avoided – this may cause dis-comfort and short term emotional pain.  Thinking becomes clearer and decision making easier.  Confidence and self-esteem is enhanced; patience is promoted as is a sense of ‘going with the flow’.  Prehnite with Epidote stimulates digestion and the metabolism of fat, regenerates the processes of the body and removes toxins.  The immune system is stimulated and general well-being is promoted.  N.B. Only use if prepared for the changes it will bring.

Preseli Bluestone (Stonehenge) is a very powerful stone.  It significantly strengthens connections with the Earth and its energies, including ley lines, stone circles etc.  It facilitates movement through time (forward, backward and up and down) at a great speed (be warned!); to both past and potential future lives.  It reveals gateways to many other dimensions including faery, angelic and other realities.  It fortifies the senses, magnifying them to show previously hidden details and nuances.  Preseli Bluestone clears blockages on all levels (these will leave the body quickly at the nearest exit! – be prepared for a short bout of diarrhoea, colds etc.).  It aids communication.  It is beneficial for the throat, ears, nasal and sinus passages.  N.B. Do not use if you feel unwell or fragile.

Prophecy Stones aid meditation, astral travel, access to the Akashic records and visions of the future.   Prophecy Stones intensify insight, intuition and psychic abilities.  They bring people together for a common goal, particularly when benefiting others or the planet.  The stones pull the individual energies together, making them extremely powerful.  The Stones bring a sense of balance to the body, integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.  They aid the healing of dis-eases of the blood and respiratory systems.                                               

Purple Royal Aztee (Aztec) aids meditation, dream working and divination.  It helps balance energy on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  It repels negative energies on all levels.  Royal Purple Aztee increases mental stability, memory and concentration and delays symptoms of dementia.  It benefits the digestive and elimination systems, including kidneys and liver.

Purpurite cleanses the aura and subtle bodies.  It aids the development of spiritually through insight and encourages the growth and understanding of the Self.   It promotes and supports ending addictive, self-limiting or destructive behaviours.  It encourages speaking one’s Truth with authority and confidence.  Purpurite draws financial and material prosperity.  It speeds the recovery of wounds and bruises, aids the functioning of all cells, tissues, and organs and balances the fluids within the body. 

Pyrite reinforces the meridian system and protects the energy fields.  IT has strong male yang energy and increases intellectually thinking and memory.  It focuses immediately on the areas that are unbalanced (physical, mental or emotional) and helps uncover the cause of these.  Pyrite lifts the mood when feeling despondent or despairing.  It strengthens blood flow and increases energy levels. N.B. Use with caution if taking medication for circulation.  It can irritate if worn in direct contact with the skin.

Pyrolusite protects against psychic attack and unhelpful psychic and kinetic energies.  It strengthens the auric field.  It reinforces resolve when others are trying to influence or manipulate you against your greatest good.  Pyrolusite aids the absorption of essential nutrients and strengthens bones, the nervous system and reproductive organs.  It is beneficial for those with high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis, hearing loss or an under-active thyroid.   It lessens the symptoms of nausea and vomiting; being an aid for morning or travel sickness. 

Pyromorphite activates and stimulates personal energy on all levels.  It removes blockages, particularly creative ones.  It aids motivation to act to achieve set goals.  It enhances the energies of other minerals.  Pyromorphite attracts financial abundance and wealth.  It is beneficial for gums and assimilating B vitamins.  It eases chills and cleanses the blood.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any form.                                                                         

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