Crystals ‘N – O’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Natrolite connects and clears the upper chakras including the soul star chakra.  It aids clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and divinatory skills.  It helps to develop the true Self, whilst acknowledging the shadow side.  It helps those with neuron conditions including Parkinson’s disease, dementia, M.S., strokes and brain injuries.  It reduces the swelling in oedemas.

Nebula is a combination of Aegirine, Potassium Feldspar, Quartz and Epidote and is a recently discovered stones that is full of energy and power for Now.  Each cell of the body is stirred until it remembers the deeply hidden memory of being part of the Source (Soul, Light).  It and brings awareness of the Self’s integral part in the cosmic whole.  It releases all that is not helpful to the development of the higher Self, including fear, and enables helpful thought and behaviour patterns to replace those released.  Nebula is a powerful tool for meditating, whether connecting with the higher cosmic energies, the Ancestors or Akashic records.  It is a potent healing stone and harmonises energies of the physical and subtle bodies.  N.B. Only use this stone if you are ready to undergo significant changes in your perceptions, ideas, opinions and behaviour! 

Nephrite gives a high level of protection on all levels and is particularly suitable for children.  It balances yin and yang energies in the body.  It soothes the emotions, reduces tension and facilitates inner peace.  It enhances relationships, including those with the Self, bringing an acceptance of the whole Self.  Nephrite is beneficial for kidney and liver function and expedites the removal of toxins from the body.  It helps during childbirth. 

Neptunite promotes insight and knowledge of life’s purpose.  It facilitates a connection with All That Is.  It aids decision-making and problem solving, particularly in stressful situations.  Neptunite brings a sense of harmony and balance to the environment.  It is beneficial for teeth and gums, muscles and bones.

Nett Stone enhances connections with the faery world and with nature, attuning the body to the natural rhythms of the planet.  It grounds and gives a sense of realism, and aids the removal of the superficial, leaving that which truly matters.  It brings a sense of calm and inner peace.  Nett Stone is beneficial for the lungs and respiratory system, including tumours and emphysema, as well as the lymphatic system.

Nunderite (a combination of Jadeite and Plagioclase Feldspar) aids insight and facilitates knowing your life’s direction and how this fits with the ebb and flow of bigger world.  It promotes merging with the background, rather than being out front, allowing the true Self to find its own Path.  It is a super stone for grounding after meditation and psychic or healing work.  It seals and secures any leaks or weak areas in the aura, ensuring that others do not drain your energy.  It enables a general shift in the body’s vibrations and the ability to firstly cope, and then work with this.   Nunderite aids deep healing of long standing dis-ease and imbalance, particularly those of an emotionally origin.  It is beneficial for those who struggle for the motivation and determination to survive.  It stabilises health generally, as well as being beneficial for the kidneys, spleen and adrenal glands.

Nuummite is a powerful stone that facilitates communication with ancient wisdom and Akashic records.  It shows all sides of the character as well as experiences, some of which are ‘forgotten’ and may be painful to re-visit initially.  However, Nuummite allows experiences to be put in perspective, bringing a profound and intense sense of the individual’s place in the Universe.  It is beneficial physically to systems and organs that are ‘sluggish’.  It releases tension, aids sleep and soothes and balances the emotions.  Only work with Nuummite if you truly wish to develop your understanding of Self.

Black Obsidian protects against psychic attacks; reflecting the negative energies back to the sender. It expands consciousness leading to acceptance and understanding of other world phenomena e.g. other dimensions, higher beings, astral travel.  It is an excellent stone for meditation through which an understanding of the shadow side of the Self is acknowledged and integrated.   Black Obsidian removes energy blocks caused through trauma (physical, emotional or mental), often whether you are ready for it or not.  It reduces pain and tension and is beneficial for circulation disorders.      

Blue Obsidian aids the development of telepathy and divination (e.g. Tarot card readings).  It adds focus to astral travel and protection to physical travel.  Blue Obsidian assists other healing energies (e.g. Reiki).  It is beneficial for eyes and speech, enhancing verbal communication.   It alleviates pain and brings clarity to disorders of the mind where there are chaotic mental processes.

Dark Blue (Cobalt) Obsidian aids the development of psychic, telepathic and divinatory abilities that leads to a deep understanding and interpretation.  It augments astral travel.  It enhances healing modalities such as Reiki.  It soothes the mind and emotions, bringing clarity and focus, particularly following trauma or chronic stress.  Dark Blue Obsidian enhances clear communication of feelings.  It is beneficial for dis-ease of the eyes and throat.  It reduces the pain of headaches.

Gold Sheen Obsidian purifies the aura, as well as the immediate environment.  It amplifies fore-sight, prophetic dreaming and scrying.   It offers psychic protection, especially from those who would draw your energy.  It helps you to focus on your chosen goals and the means of achieving them.  It increases confidence and self-belief.   N.B. As it amplifies sensations it may leave you feeling light-headed, dizzy or nauseous, if so ground yourself immediately.

Mahogany Obsidian clears and aligns the earth star, base and sacral chakras.  It aids connection to the natural world and communication with Elementals.  It stimulates growth on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  It is a grounding stone.  Mahogany Obsidian enables dreams to become reality by providing the motivation and determination coupled with patience and inner strength to bring this about.  It eliminates blockages and relieves tensions. 

Rainbow Obsidian promotes spiritual development and is aids meditation.  It strengthens the ethereal and physical bodies, clearing blocks throughout the chakra system and bringing the subtle bodies into balance.  Rainbow Obsidian is psychic and physical protective.  It releases out dated emotional obstructions, bringing feelings of optimism, hope, joy and contentment.                          

Silver Sheen Obsidian facilitates meditation, awakening of inner knowing and astral travel, where it ensures safe return to the physical body.  It identifies and shows all sides of the self, including the shadow side.  It is a grounding stone.  Silver Sheen Obsidian provides an excellent defence against mental, emotional and psychic attack by reflecting the unhelpful energies back to the person who originated them.  It removes energy blocks caused through trauma (physical, emotional or mental).     

Snowflake Obsidian encourages integrity and perception.  It dissipates shocks, traumas and fears.  It helps in cases of addictions and aids the removal of restricting behaviour patterns.  Snowflake Obsidian reduces pain and tension.  It encourages the healing of wounds following an injury or surgery. It improves the circulation, thus providing warmth for chronically cold hands and feet.

Okenite enhances a sense of the higher self.  It purifies the charkas and the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies.  It facilitates channelling sacred writings.  It removes obstacles on life’s path and promotes the recognition of learning opportunities.  Okenite helps with the connection to, and healing of, your inner child.  It minimises the ageing processes.  It stimulates blood flow and circulation in the arms.  It reduces fevers and nervous stomach disorders.                                

Black Onyx clears and aligns the lower chakras.  It strengthens the use of intuition.  It offers protection during psychic and energetic healing pursuits.   It builds confidence and assertiveness and encourages self-actualisation.  It helps with overcoming grief.  Black Onyx aids rational, logical, analytical thinking.  It is beneficial for ear and eye problems and the nervous system.    

Green Onyx speeds up Karmic lessons and encourages a high level of spiritual development.  It is a stone of manifestation; bringing intention into reality.  It brings the subtle and physical bodies into balance and strengthens the heart chakra. It promotes empathy and a need to help others.  Green Onyx facilitates rapid assimilation of new information and sharpens brain functioning.  It is beneficial to the nervous system, heart and mouth, including gums.

Opal has a gentle, yet powerful energy.  It facilitates positive dreaming and connecting to higher aspects of the self.  It encourages psychic awareness and the use of intuition.   It promotes honest representation of feelings and increases a sense of optimism. 

Andean Opal enhances meditation and astral travel, where it offers protection as well.  It promotes acting for the highest good.  It benefits functions of the heart, lungs and thymus gland and reduces symptoms of water retention.

Blue Opal facilitates psychic awareness and developing insight.  It is a great crystal for putting on the third eye for meditation or on the throat chakra to aid any form of expression.  It helps us speak up, voicing opinions and emotions.  It soothes the emotions, bringing a sense of peace and calm.  Blue Opals smooth flowing energy connects to the fluid systems of the body, bringing them into balance, aiding the circulatory, lymphatic and digestive systems. 

Dendritic Opal purifies the aura and the chakras.  It has a soft, spongy energy that helps to cushion the emotions during times of challenge and unrest.  It focuses on action for the highest good and gives the confidence and self-belief to achieve this.  Dendritic Opal aids physical and spiritual growth.  It balances the physical body, and particularly helps the nervous and respiratory systems.

Fire Opal facilitates a greater understanding of the Self and helps with finding our spiritual path.  It energises and motivates, particularly at challenging times.  It enhances meditation.  Fire Opal benefits red blood cells and the circulatory system.  It lifts depression, apathy and lethargy and replaces this with hope renewed energy.      

Rose Opal has a gentle, loving energy.  It protects the heart chakra following emotional upheaval.  It builds and supports self-love, belief and confidence and enhances the ability to build positive relationships.  It heals on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.  It stimulates the circulation and benefits the lungs, spleen and heart. It helps those wishing to have a baby.

Opalite promotes psychic development and meditation, bringing deep insights.  It clears charkas and meridian, particularly of higher ones.  It aids communication on all levels and supports whilst undergoing transitions, especially the more challenging ones.  Opalite draws success and is good for businesses.  It lightens the mood, reduces feelings of lethargy and encourages an optimistic outlook.  

Orpiment cleanses and activates the solar plexus.  This increases confidence in a variety of settings and gives us a positive view ourselves.  It stimulates the intellect and aids assimilation of new information.   It brings a sense of joy and love of life, helping those grieving, depressed or anxious.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any way. Always wash hands after handling.

Orthoceras facilitates communication with ancient civilisations and the Ancestors.  It aids past life recall.  It brings stability, organization, and harmony to the home and boosts business success.  It enhances memory and benefits those with dementia.                                                                  

Orthoclase aids insight, intuition and psychic ability, by enhancing connections to one’s spirit guides.  It unblocks the meridians and aligns the chakras.  It strengthens and supports emotions and self-defeating thought process following traumas and challenges, bringing a sense of optimism and self-confidence.  Orthoclase encourages a caring, sharing attitude.  It is beneficial for the autonomous system and harmonises the functioning between all the organs.

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