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Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Magnesite encourages acceptance and love of the Self, and of a positive attitude towards life.  It calms and relaxes; removing nervousness, fearfulness and irritability.  It is extremely beneficial for magnesium deficiencies and relaxes the muscles, having an antispasmodic effect.  It reduces the symptoms of headaches, migraines, cramps and restless legs.  Magnesite slows blood-clotting, expands the coronary blood vessels and aids the prevention of heart attacks.  It is beneficial for bones, hair, skin, circulatory system and skin. N.B. Use with care if taking medication for blood circulation including Warfarin. 

Red Magnesite connects the seven main chakras of the body; increasing the energy and enhancing the function of each one.  It expands psychic awareness.  It encourages a positive outlook on life and balances the emotions.  Red Magnesite boosts physical energy, along with motivation and determination.  It releases tension, and is beneficial for bones, hair, skin, circulatory system and skin.  N.B. Use with care if taking medication for blood circulation.

Magnetite develops spirituality and brings a deep meditative experience.  It aligns the chakras, meridians and physical and etheric bodies.  It offers protection and stability due to its grounding aspects.  Magnetite dispels grief, fear, anger and unhealthy attachments; balancing the emotions and attracting positive relationships.  It speeds circulatory system and aids the absorption of nutrients.  N.B. Use with care if taking medication for blood circulation.

Malachite brings potent dreaming and strengthens intuition.  It removes obstacles and blocks, whether you want it to or not, by making going straight to the root of the problem or imbalance.  It encourages change by removing inhibitions, raising the mood, simplifying problems and promoting fresh optimism.   It removes negative or pollutant energy from the environment, including that from computers and mobile phones.  Malachite aidsrecovery from illness.  It is a powerful healing stone, and may be placed on the affected area to absorb illness, whether physical or emotional.  It is particularly good for rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, menstrual problems, teeth and liver activity (detoxifying).   It speeds the process of child birth.  N.B. Malachite is a very powerful stone; use with care.  Do not use in the first months of pregnancy.                      

Malachite Chrysocolla (Malacolla) facilitates connections with both the Earth and the Universe, showing how the two interact and our place with them.  It offers protection on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  It has the softer energies of Chrysocolla mixed with the powerful focussed ones of Malachite, making this a potent stone.   It is a strong detoxifier, particularly for the liver and aids all forms of elimination.  It is particularly good for rheumatism, arthritis and menstrual problems.  It helps the process of child birth.  It is particularly good for rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, menstrual problems, teeth and liver activity (detoxifying).   It speeds the process of child birth.  N.B. Do not use in the first months of pregnancy.

Manganvesuvianite aids insight, particularly during meditation.  It is a grounding stone and comforts and supports those who are emotionally troubled.  Manganvesuvianite is a great general healer.  In addition it optimises muscle and nerve function, regulates heart rhythms and blood sugar levels and strengthens bones.  It helps prevent and manage hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Marble enhances meditation and brings total recall of dreams. It helps to activate the unused portions of the mind and provokes feelings of compassion and caring.  Marble lowers fevers, strengthens bones and teeth and increases the body’s ability to process calcium.  It is beneficial for the skin and reduces scarring.                                                     

Marcasite is a very good grounding stone.  It helps to bring fragmented and dis-organised thoughts into focus and clarity.  It is beneficial for concentration, memory and completing practical tasks.  Marcasite promotes feelings of confidence.                                                             

Melikaria aids spiritual development and insight and combines this with ancient knowledge, bringing deep understanding of the Self in relation to the Universe.  It brings emotional stability and inner peace.  It encourages the transformation of ideas into action.  Melikaria stimulates the metabolism and benefits the immune system.  It enhances physical growth in children, as well as emotional development for all ages.  It encourages healing of tissue and bone and is beneficial for the skin.      

Merlinite holds the knowledge of all those who have worked with nature and the elements in the past (e.g. Merlin, Cernunnos) and combines this with cosmic information.  This makes this stone very powerful!  It aids access to the Akashic records and communication with those in other dimensions, facilitates astral travel and provides links to past, present and future lives.  It raises the body’s vibration through insight and the releasing of negative or unhelpful energies.  It combines and balances dualities such as internal and external worlds, yin and yang energies and earth and cosmic frequencies.  N.B. This is a potent stone, which may cause dizziness.  Only work with it if you really want to make changes.      

Meteorites aid communication with distant worlds, whist retaining a connection with the earth.  They enhance meditation and feelings of tranquillity.

Mica aids insight and the development of the brow chakra (third eye).   It lights the way of your sacred contractual path and supports you in following it.  It enhances the assessment of others characters and if they are being truthful and honest.   It draws good luck and abundance, however it can also draw unwanted energies so be very focussed when working with it.  Mica lifts the mood and develops compassion towards others.  It increases physical strength and benefits mental processes.

Green Mica enhances psychic abilities, increasing inner vision and intuition.  It stabilises the electrical impulses in the body, benefits the functioning of the brain and balances emotions.  Green Mica allows us to see how others view us, helping us to develop our weaker areas.  It brings a sense of peace and inner calm.   It is beneficial for the heart, both physically and emotionally.

Muscovite Mica relieves stress by making problems and decision making manageable.  It helps you to place tasks in order of priority in order to achieve your goal.  Muscovite Mica enhances concentration and focus and so aids completing what you have started.  It reduces stress and promotes living in the NOW.   It is beneficial for teeth and speeds the healing of broken bones.

Red Mica (aka Red Muscovite) facilitates thedevelopment of the brow chakra (third eye); aiding insight, intuition and psychic awareness.  It highlights your sacred contractual path and supports you in following it.  It lifts the mood and relieves stress by promoting living in the NOW.  Red Mica benefits mental processes, improving decision-making and problem-solving.  It encourages eating correctly for optimum health and benefits the function of the kidneys and pancreas.            

Mimetite purifies the auric body.  It promotes individual ideas and opinion and aids quick thinking and problem solving by bringing clarity.  It encourages an optimistic outlook and is helpful during major life changes.  Mimetite aids the expression of emotions.  It is beneficial for the treatment of allergies, blood sugar levels and kidney regulation. N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any way. 

Mohawkite cleanses the aura and aligns the chakras.  It balances the physical body with the subtle one.  It increases a sense of purpose, willpower.  It can provide stability within groups and can facilitate intuitive ideas.  It protects against arthritis and aids mobility.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any way. 

Moldavite is a stone from a meteorite that showered the earth 15 million years ago.  It is a potent aid to accessing other planes, communicating with extra-terrestrials and expanding consciousness.  Moldavite aids the development of clairvoyance, psychic sensitivity and spiritual awareness.  It facilitates physical healing by making conscious the cause of the illness.  N.B. This stone vibrates to a very high frequency and may leave you feeling light-headed, dizzy or nauseous, in which case ground yourself immediately.  Do not cleanse with salt. 

Monazite aids the development of insight.  It enables recognition of the cause of any dis-ease and makes letting go possible.  It comforts in times of bereavement and loss, encouraging appropriate release of tears whilst bringing a sense of calm and peace.  Monazite is a good pain-reliever and may help in a reducing diet. 

Mookaite is spiritually stimulating and aids meditation, especially in connection with the Ancestors.  It has a deep primal energy and is full of ancient wisdom.  It promotes inner peace, whilst maintaining motivation.  It aids decision-making.  Mookiate stabilises health, fortifies the immune system and aids the functions of the liver and spleen.  Mookiate tends to work slowly.     

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings.  It aids intuition and psychic abilities.  It is essentially a feminine stone, (having strong affiliations with the moon) and is connected with the female reproductive cycle and fluid systems.  Moonstone releases tension and stabilises the emotions.  It is helpful for conception, pregnancy and childbirth and can relieve symptoms of PMT.

Black Moonstone strengthens meditation, intuition and psychic abilities and facilitates deep insight.  It is an aid to all forms of divination.  It offers psychic protection during the above and when working with healing modalities.  Black Moonstone helps to remove long standing emotional blocks and increases motivation and determination.  It is assists women trying to conceive, as well as benefiting the female reproductive organs and easing PMT. 

Green Moonstone aids intuition and strengthens psychic and divinatory abilities.  It is particularly beneficial for the emotions, helping to release unhelpful blockages and making room for positive ones; increasing the ability to both give and receive love.  It strengthens the heart and lungs, and is beneficial for the lymphatic system and other fluids in the body.    

Rainbow Moonstone shares the gentle, yet powerful energies of the moon that influence and strengthen intuition and develop psychic awareness, including meditation and divination.  It connects to nature’s rhythms and emphasises the fluidity of life as it ebbs and flows to complete the Circle.  Rainbow Moonstone brings a sense of optimism and hope; soothing the emotions.  It helps ameliorate the symptoms of PMT and balances hormonal cycles.  It activates and strengthens the pineal gland.        

Moqui Marbles (Mochi) balance the chakras and the yin and yang energies of the body, bringing it into physical and auric balance.  They help develop intuition and connection with spirits and guides, especially from ancient races.  They are grounding and absorb negative energy.  They offer both psychic and physical protection.  Moqui Marbles ensure smooth adaptations into new environments and situations, including work and moving school and home.  They reduce pain anywhere on the body.              

Morganite (Pink Beryl) aids communication with higher realms and beings including guardian angels.  It activates, stimulates and cleans the heart chakra, raising its vibration too that of the higher chakras.  Morganite raises self-esteem and promotes having beneficial relationships.  In this it gives an inner strength to finish any relationship that is not healthy.   It opens the way to healing, particularly of the emotions; bringing emotional stability.   It helps to resolve long-standing mental/emotional hurts.  It aids the digestive system, eases asthma, speeds healing following surgery and helps those undergoing chemotherapy.  It offers comfort and support to those with depression and anxiety.

Mother of Pearl aids intuition, psychic development, insight, and connections to ancient worlds.  It is associated to both the sea and the moon and promotes an understanding of life’s rhythms and natural changes.  It is highly protective on all levels, particularly of children.  Mother of Pearl purifies the environment, transmutes unhelpful energies and attracts abundance.  It lifts the mood and reduces feelings of stress.  It lowers blood pressure, aids vision and eases dizziness and nausea. 

Mtorolite balances the subtle bodies and opens and cleanses the heart chakra.  It brings a sense of peace and serenity.  It helps you to develop an inner calm and acceptance that is undisturbed by external events.  It enhances your ability to cope whatever the circumstance.  Mtorolite stimulates removal of toxins from the physical body.  It is beneficial for the nervous system and the function of the liver.  It is boosts health in general.   

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