Crystals ‘J’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Jade awakens inner knowledge and encourages self-realisation at a spiritual level.  It is a good balancer on both physical and emotional levels.  It stimulates ideas, bringing them into action.  It is a strong protector and bringing of good luck.  Jade stimulates the kidneys and balances the salt, water and acid ratios and benefits the nervous system; improving reactions.

African Jade (Transvaal) brings order out of chaos, both environmentally and personally, and offers guidance in choosing the most appropriate path.  It unites groups of any size, leading to cooperation and focus of intent.  African Jade draws good luck, business success and good health.  It benefits all kinds of flow within the body, including circulation, chi and communication.  It optimises kidney efficiency.   

Black Jade is a powerful cleanser and purifier of both the physical and subtle bodies.  It is highly protective and transmutes negative energies.  It is a good grounding stone.  It boosts courage and strength particularly at traumatic times.       

Lavender Jade aids communication with other realms, particularly angels.  It enhances psychic powers and intuition.  It calms and soothes turbulent emotions and brings a sense of peace and acceptance.  It is beneficial for those recovering from surgery and undergoing chemotherapy.  It boosts generally well-being and healing.  It is especially potent for healing on the person, in the environment or in grids when used alongside Clear Quartz.

Nephrite Jade gives a high level of protection on all levels and is particularly suitable for children.  It balances yin and yang energies in the body.  It soothes the emotions, reduces tension and facilitates inner peace.  It enhances relationships, including those with the Self, bringing an acceptance of the whole Self.  Nephrite is beneficial for kidney and liver function and expedites the removal of toxins from the body.  It helps during childbirth. 

New Jade (Serpentine) promotes spiritual growth, aids meditation and facilitates connection to angelic realms.  It aligns the chakras and aids past life recall.  It balances the intellect and emotions.  It is an excellent detoxifier, aids pain relief, particularly menstrual and muscular.  It benefits those with diabetes, and strengthens the skeletal structure.

Peach Jade aids communication and connection to faeries and elementals.  It promotes emotional and mental strength, alongside facing up to one’s actions.  It enhances confidence and self-esteem.  Peach Jade is an aid to dieting.  It removes toxins via the digestive system, and then encourages the system to be comfortable and regular.

Red Jade aids communication with elemental beings and a connection to the Earth.  Whilst it promotes a feeling of contentment with one’s life, it increases motivation and determination to make beneficial changes.  It creates prosperity and abundance.  Red Jade boosts confidence and self-esteem.  It amplifies competiveness, which can lead to aggression, so use in moderation.  It speeds up the circulation and boosts energy levels.  

Rich Jade facilitates a high level of spiritual development and provides deep insight. It allows for the removal of long-standing blocks on the mental/emotional levels and encourages living in the NOW.  It aids creative endeavours, particularly those connected to raising vibrations, whether individual or global.  Rich Jade brings the body into balance.  It promotes a feeling of well-being and is beneficial to the lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems.                 

Yellow (Lemon) Jade enhances prophetic dreaming and intuition.  It brings seemingly distant goals into reality.  It attracts good luck.  Yellow Jade is beneficial to those recovering from traumatic relationships, as well as helping those with anxiety or having lowing self-esteem.  It aids the absorption of nutrients into the body, is beneficial to the kidneys and digestion, as well as the nervous system. 

Jadeite (Jade) aids dreaming and astral travelling.  It assists groups by uniting members by focussing on common goals, as well as improving relationships.  It builds determination to fulfil your dreams and the opportunities to manifest them.  It is a stone of good luck and success.  Jadeite enhances perception, intelligence and expression.  It stabilises, grounds and is highly physically and psychically protective.  It strengthens the skeletal structure and eases pain in the limbs.  It improves kidney function and that of the nervous and immune systems.  It is especially attuned to help children, both physically and emotionally. 

Jarosite highlights the shadow side of our being and facilitates acknowledging and assimilating of this into our whole being.   It is helpful to those with bipolar disorder, and where behaviour or thought is extreme or unhelpful.

Jasper in general, prompts readiness for action and determination to carry out chosen plans.  It promotes courage, assertiveness and honesty.  It aids digestion.  It reduces the personal effect of environmental stress by increasing the body’s resistance.  See variety for specific energies.

Brecciated Jasper brings a sense of balance by aligning the chakras, subtle bodies with the physical body and yin-yang energies.  It protects during astral travel.  It strengthens commitment to, and achievement of chosen goals.  Brecciated Jasper enhances and facilitates communication with animals, particularly for healing.  It improves the quality and viscosity of blood and reduces dis-ease of both male and female reproductive organs.          

Cinnabar Jasper encourages connection and communication with the natural world, including plants, animals and the faery realm.  It is an effective grounding stone and provides protection from earth bound energies.  It increases determination, will power and competitiveness.  It facilitates the speedy renewal of blood cells after blood loss and is beneficial for those with a low red cell count and anaemia. In pregnancy it strengthens and nourishes the placenta.  It strengthens the immune system.        

(King) Cobra Jasper relieves stress and feelings of anger.   It brings a sense of calm, nurture and contentment.   It encourages organisation, making order out of chaos.  (King) Cobra Jasper is beneficial for those whose mental processes are dis-organised (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia etc

Dalmatian Jasper reminds the individual not only of their personal responsibilities, but also to their family worldwide.  It encourages co-operation and positive action between individuals and groups.   It is a grounding stone.  It boosts the immune system and clears toxins from the body, including growths.           

Fossil Jasper disperses stress and emotional pain and facilitates overcoming fears, thus encouraging confidence and self-belief.  It aids mental clarity and goal setting and enhances common sense.  It aids the digestive system, particularly the stomach.  It is beneficial for those with IBS, M.E. fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.N.B. Cleanse by moon or sun only

Green Lace Jasper encourages connections to nature and the world of Faery and facilitates deep insights into ancient knowledge, especially helpful for those interested in aromatherapy, herbalism and faery folklore.  It protects against environmental pollution.  It attracts good luck and helps to overcome difficult relationships.  Green Lace Jasper aids smooth transitions through the seasons and through life events.  It balances on all levels, particularly the physical and emotional bodies.  It reduces symptoms of hayfever and has a cooling effect during sustained hot weather.  It is beneficial for the skin, heart, liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. 

Guinea Fowl Jasper aids meditation and the development of intuition and insight.  It offers protection on all levels.  It calms and grounds during times of mental and emotional upheaval and promotes clear thinking.  It thickens the blood and is beneficial for the spleen and liver.

Leopardskin Jasper (Rhyolite) enhances self-worth and strengthens spirituality.  It helps you to manage challenging situations and has a calming effect.  Leopardskin Jasper fortifies natural resistance, is beneficial for skin conditions and reduces the formation of stones.       

Mocha Jasper facilitates a connection with the many layers and rhythms of the natural world.  It strengthens the lower chakras and aligns them with the higher ones.  It enables multi-tasking and the achievement of goals.  It encourages moving forward both physically and metaphysically.  Mocha Jasper aids the digestive system, the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.  It is beneficial for those with Crohn’s disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

Ocean (Sea) Jasper aids communication to sea creatures, especially dolphins.  It provides a connection to life’s natural changes and helps to feel linked into nature’s rhythms.  It brings the physical and subtle bodies into balance as well as encouraging a flexible and fluid attitude to situations.  Sea Jasper improves the circulation, immune and lymphatic systems and digestion.  It eases symptoms of PMT and fortifies the female reproductive system.

Orbicular Jasper aids acceptance of responsibility and undertaking life’s lessons and tasks.  It promotes bringing unresolved issues to conclusion, which helps to bring the body back into balance.  It benefits the skin, digestive system, helping those with eczema, psoriasis, IBS and Crohn’s Disease.  It boosts the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins, including infections. 

Picasso Jasper facilitates the understanding of abstract messages and helps to bring order to chaotic thinking.  It promotes a sense of inner peace and harmony, which is passed on into the environment and to others.  It is helpful to those trying to be at peace with past challenges and traumas.            

Picture Jasper (Landscape, Kalahari Picture Jasper) (Landscape, Kalahari Picture Jasper) provides insights into past including ancient healing modalities and connections with the Ancestors.  It carries a message within its pictures, on an individual, local or global level.  It connects us to the natural world.  Picture Jasper encourages co-operation and working towards a common goal and provides information on how best to achieve this.   It reduces gall stones and obstructions in the physical body.     

Polychrome Jasper (Royal Savannah Jasper) promotes balance both of the physical and subtle bodies as well as the personal environment.  It provides protection on all levels.  It increases confidence and assertiveness and brings a sense of acceptance and positiveness.  Polychrome Jasper lifts the mood and is beneficial to the skin.    

Poppy Jasper aids connection with the rhythms of nature and the environment.  It gently mends old emotional pain, leaving room for new experiences and bringing a sense of well-being.  It encourages an optimistic and positive outlook.  It increases motivation and determination and promotes courage and assertiveness. Poppy Jasper strengthens the immune system and increases energy flow.  It regulates the circulatory system and benefits the heart.  It assists the digestive system, the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.         

Precious Jasper has the dynamism of Red Jasper, but with a softer energy.  It brings an inner knowing of matters connected to the Earth, and a remembrance of past times.  When used in meditation it can carry you to new depths and should be used with care.  It lifts the mood by showing solutions to the current unwanted circumstance and situation.                                     

Red Jasper aids memorising helpful aspects of dreams.  It provides insight into how to ameliorate unjust situations and the determination and willpower to carry out these actions.  Red Jasper promotes turning ideas into action.  It reiterates taking responsibility for the decisions made.  It increases assertiveness, confidence and self-belief. It stimulates circulation and energy flow. 

Shell Jasper is a powerful stone that connects the knowledge of ancient peoples and the energies of the Earth, including ley lines and stone circles.  It is a grounding stone.  Shell Jasper balances physical organs and is beneficial for the eyes.

Silver Leaf Jasper promotes motivation, willpower, determination and assertiveness.  It encourages an optimistic outlook, thus helping those with depression, anxiety or in stressful situations. 

Yellow Jasper offers protection during both astral and physical travel.  It guards against negativity.  It promotes confidence in social settings.  Yellow Jasper lifts depression.  It benefits the functioning of the liver and fortifies the immune system.

Jet is an excellent protector on all levels e.g. from dis-ease, violence and psychic energies.  It absorbs negative and unhelpful energies from the individual’s physical and subtle bodies as well as from the environment.  This includes releasing old hurts and changing the way we view our past.  In this way it adds physical, mental/ emotional and spiritual development.   It benefits businesses and financial solvency.  Jet eases pressure, balances mood swings and alleviates depression, including that stemming from loss.   It reduces symptoms of migraine, epilepsy, lymphatic problems and menstrual cramps.  N.B. Cleanse on Quartz or by the moon – may need frequent cleansing.

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