Crystals ‘H – I’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Halite offers psychic protection. It purifies the environment, transmuting the negative energies into strong positive ones.  It promotes initiative and innovative thinking, particularly during challenging times.   It enhances good will, elevates the mood and reduces negative thoughts. N.B. Do not place in water as it will dissolve. 

Hausmannite aids meditation and manifesting goals.  It facilitates growth through change and encourages transformation.  It temporarily aligns the physical and subtle bodies and balances the emotions.  Hausmannite benefits the bone structure, hair, skin and blood vessels.      

Heliodor (Yellow/Golden Beryl) opens and clears the brow, crown and soul star chakras, both enhancing psychic abilities and creating thoughts and behaviours that are for the greatest good.  It aids spell work and divination.  It strengthens the intellect, aids concentration and brings clarity of thought.  It draws good luck and abundance.  It is good for self-esteem and confidence building.  Heliodor revitalises the body, bringing organs and systems into optimum efficiency.  It is beneficial for the lymphatic system and regulating the bodily fluids and eases constipation.  It helps with both short-and long-sightedness and lessens chronic stress symptoms.

Hematite offers psychic and physical protection.  It is an excellent grounding stone.  It provides the motivation to improve conditions and situations by strengthening both willpower and vitality.  Hematite improves the body’s oxygen supply, absorbs iron, and stabilises health in general.  It reduces the need for addictive behaviour.  NB Not suitable for prolonged use for those with heart or chronic circulatory dis-ease. It may cause irritation where there is inflammation.

Hematite with Red and Yellow Jasper increases the motivation to achieve better conditions and strengthens the determination to carry out these plans. It promotes courage, assertiveness and honesty and provides willpower and vitality. Hematite with Red and Yellow Jasper improves the body’s oxygen supply, absorbs iron and stimulates the circulation and energy flow.  It may cause irritation where there is inflammation.

Specular Hematite opens cells to receive universal light-force.  It balances the chakras and yin-yang energies and removes anything unhelpful from all the subtle bodies.  It enhances all energetic healing modalities.  Also, it is a good grounding stone.  Specular Hematite aids clear thinking and decision-making.  It promotes feelings of optimism and hope, helping those feeling depressed or anxious.  It increases energy and motivation.

Hemimorphite raises the level of the body’s vibrations; encouraging responding from the Self, rather than ego and expanding awareness.   It aids connecting and communicating with higher realms and beings.  It connects with all levels of the body, both physical and subtle, and promotes growth and development on all of these simultaneously.  This can have dramatic consequences, so if you don’t want changes leave Hemimorphite alone.  Also, it facilitates the acceptance of previously irritating situations and behaviour and facilitates honest expression.  It is excellent for Self-development, but be prepared for a bumpy ride!                   

Herderite opens and connects the higher chakras, including the soul star chakra, expanding awareness to embrace the highest universal energies.  It aids psychic development.  It promotes leadership through harmony.  It is beneficial for those with behavioural difficulties, including OCD.

Herkimer Diamonds aid spiritual development, clairvoyance and telepathic communication, particularly attuning to another person.  They amplify the properties of other crystals and store information.  The clear and ‘fine tune’ the pathways of the subtle bodies.  Herkimer Diamonds offer protection from harmful radiation and removes of toxins from the body.  They are very powerful crystals.                                            

Heulandite facilitates the acquisition of ancient information by traveling back to Lemuria/Atlantis.  It promotes the use of this old information with new techniques; providing a powerful synergy.  It helps with being unconditional and acting with higher consciousness.  It aids past life recall and regression work.  Heulandite comforts those experiencing loss and grief.  It disperses growths and enhances weight loss.  It helps those with disorders of the feet and shortness of breath.    

Hickoryite (a type of Rhyolite) facilitates innovative thinking and stimulates the imagination and creative ideas.  It reduces boredom and negative thoughts. 

Hiddenite strengthens the connection of the higher subtle bodies to the Universe and facilitates communication with higher realms and beings.  It boosts the intellect, aiding rational thinking with divine purpose.  Whether it is hard to take care of the emotional self or during experiencing loss and grief, it offers loving support and comfort.  It can be used alongside its ‘sister’ crystal Kunzite for added effect.  Hiddenite benefits the thymus, heart, shoulders and lungs. 

Hilutite, a combination of Garnet, Goethite, Quartz and Zircon is a stone for 2012 and beyond, as it is strongly attuned to the planet’s electromagnetic field.  It has an extremely high vibration and a high-speed energy – so use with care!  It unblocks, clears and aligns both the major and minor chakras, so be prepared for major adjustments in thinking and behaviour leading to significant lifestyle changes!  It aids communication with higher realms including ascended masters, bringing profound understanding, alongside a sense of peace and calm, even when all around seems madness. It is an excellent aid for meditation.  Hilutite encourages regeneration of cells (not to be used where tumours are present).  It increases blood flow and the absorption of nutrients.  It is beneficial for the skeletal system. 

Howlite encourages maintaining your focus to reach your chosen goals.  It strengthens the character, bringing out positive traits.  It reduces stress and rage.  Howlite eases tension including headaches and also symptoms of restless leg syndrome.It induces restful sleep, boosts calcium levels in the body and is beneficial for teeth, bones and soft tissues.

Blue Howlite aids psychic awareness and meditation.  It develops intuition and the courage to act on it, which brings fresh solutions to situations and the realisation of goals.  It enhances verbal communication and expression.  It reduces pain, stress and anger, especially when these are connected.  Blue Howlite helps to raise calcium levels in the body and is beneficial for teeth, bones and soft tissues, as well as soothing for throat conditions.

Mexican Red Howlite increases determination to achieve goals, alongside maintaining focus.  It intensifies competitiveness and the will to succeed; therefore, it is not recommended for those who are already competitive.   It strengthens confidence and self-worth, which can lead to aggression in which case use sparingly.  Mexican Red Howlite boosts blood supply and calcium levels in the body and is beneficial for teeth, bones and soft tissues.

Iceland Spar enhances intuition, psychic awareness and insight.  It cleanses the aura and subtle bodies and is good for net and grid work.  It facilitates deep meditation.  It shows us how others see us, which make come as a surprise!  It promotes friendly behaviour.  Iceland Spar enables to look on the past with renewed eyes, enabling us to re-story it and resolve outstanding issues.  It removes toxins from the physical and subtle bodies.  It is beneficial for the skeletal system and mobility. 

Idocrase promotes loyalty and co-operation.  It boosts creativity and facilitates clear and positive thinking, which leads to following the most beneficial path.  Idocrase reduces symptoms of both anger and depression and increases confidence and self-esteem.  It soothes open skin problems, and aids the assimilation of nutrients.                                        

Inca Soda-Lime Glass was found recently in the Trujillo Desert of Peru, home of the ruins of Chan Chan.  This stone was originally believed to be obsidian; however, it has now been identified by Open University as Soda-Lime Glass.  It consists only of desert silica sand, soda (from the ash of hardwood forests) and limestone; just as the Ancients used in their glass making.  This glass is believed to be hundreds of years old, a remnant of Peru’s ancient past.  Like Blue Obsidian, it enhances verbal communication.  It aids development of telepathy and divination (e.g. Tarot card readings).  It facilitates focus to astral travel and protection when physically traveling.  It assists with other healing energies (e.g. Reiki).   However, the energy is more powerful, intense and swifter than that of Blue Obsidian. This makes Inca Soda-Lime a very strong stone with a potent energy.  You have been warned!  It is beneficial for eyes and speech, can alleviate pain and bring clarity to disorders of the mind. 

Inesite facilitates new thinking by opening barriers to explore areas previously locked on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.  This can lead to radical changes in beliefs and behaviour patterns, so only use if you are prepared for this.  It promotes innovative planning and action.  It helps to put circumstances into perspective.  Inesite energises the heart chakra, both physically and emotionally and reduces feelings of burden and inappropriate responsibility.  It brings a sense of contentment.          

Iolite facilitates spiritual development, particularly in activating the brow chakra, enhancing psychic abilities and assisting astral travel.  It enhances knowledge of ancient wisdom coupled with inner knowing.  It aligns and balances the subtle bodies.  Iolite aids understanding and releasing addictive behaviour (particularly alcoholism).  It helps to acknowledge and express individual strength, particularly during challenging times.  It aids the sinuses and respiratory system and alleviates headaches and fevers.       

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