Crystals ‘F – G’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Sunset Feldspar aids the letting go of the old and accepting the new.  This leads to enhanced self-esteem, confidence and self-acceptance.  It emits a sense of peace and contentment, mixed with hope and optimism.  It is helpful to those with depression, phobias and chronic dis-ease.  It calms inflamed skin, aids the autonomous nervous system and harmonises the functioning between all the organs.    

Flower Stone (Chrysanthemum Stone) aids connection between the higher and lower chakras.  It transmits the essence of NOW and living in and for the moment.  It brings out innate potential, particularly during and following challenging times, which leads to a period of harmony and inner calm.  It brings abundance and generally ‘makes things better’.  Chrysanthemum Stone brings a sense of joy and fun to the individual and to relationships.  

Blue Fluorite aids meditation and communication with higher realms.  It facilitates deep insights from past lives and ancient wisdom.  It encourages speaking and acting from the True Self.  It promotes clear thinking and decision-making, aids learning and assimilation of new information and benefits the memory.  Blue Fluorite helps counteract dizziness and ‘fuzzy’ head and aids mentally and physical co-ordination.  It soothes the nerves, bringing a sense of stability and calm.  It is beneficial against tumours, particularly in the early stages and brings relief to headaches and throat disorders.        

Green Fluorite protects the heart chakra and dissolves emotional trauma.  It protects against computer and electromagnetic radiation and helps to ground excess energy.   Green Fluorite relieves stomach and intestinal disorders and infections.  Skin conditions are relieved by it and it is beneficial for teeth and bones.                                                                  

Pink Fluorite facilitates understanding and acceptance of the Self, bringing a sense of peace and deep calm.  It promotes acting and speaking from the True Self.  It helps those who are held back by past events to re-story them, resolving them to move on. It provides TLC for the heart, soothing the emotions and lifting the mood.  Pink Fluorite aids relationships by encouraging positive and helpful behaviour.  It helps to raise self-esteem and confidence.  It is beneficial for the spleen, blood and the circulatory system.                                                                      

Rainbow Fluorite protects against computer and other electromagnetic radiation.  It is emotionally balancing; encouraging the dissolving of emotional blocks and the expression of suppressed feelings.  This is not always comfortable but is always for your highest good.  It promotes physical and mental co-ordination aiding those with dyspraxia.  Learning is helped by increased concentration, creativity and inventiveness and the rapid absorption of information.  Rainbow Fluorite stimulates regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes and fortifies teeth.  It can improve mobility, including arthritis and speeds up the mending of broken bones. 

Smokey Fluorite offers psychic protection, whilst meditating or astral traveling etc., as well as when doing healing work.  It reduces chaotic thinking, and brings calm and gentle motivation during challenging times.  It aids the understanding of life’s lessons and allows moving on whilst keeping a firm sense of reality.  Smokey Fluorite offers protection from electromagnetic radiation including computers and mobile phones and also is a good grounding stone.  It helps with posture and joint and mobility difficulties, including arthritis.

Fossilised Dinosaur Bone facilitates connecting with ancient times, people and knowledge.  It is an excellent stone for past life work.  It allows motivation and determination, but also knowing when to say ‘enough is enough’.  Fossilised Dinosaur Bone helps those recall difficulties and dementia by boosting memory.   It aids communication on all levels.  It encourages mobility even when this is problematic or painful and stimulates the healing of bones.                                                               

Fossilised Shell helps us to connect with dolphins and learn the messages they have for us.  It aids meditation and linking to by-gone spirits.  It brings stability to financial situations, especially for those connected to business.  It increases assertiveness and inner strength and allows us to reach our potential.  It promotes longevity of relationships and projects.   It helps to develop patience.  Fossilised Shell is beneficial for bones and teeth and aids the healing of dis-ease of the ear and urinary tract.                                                                        

Fossilised Wood aids communication with the faery realm.  It encourages a bond with the earth and with its natural rhythms.  It bestows a pleasing, helpful atmosphere and a feeling of ‘right time, right place’.  Fossilised Wood stabilises health, stimulates the metabolism, calms the nerves, reduces obesity and promotes a feeling of well-being.                                 

Fossils boost telepathic communication with the Ancestors as well as to other worlds.  They enhance access to past lives.  They strengthen connections to natural rhythms and the circle of life.  Fossils promote new ideas and innovation and bring success to businesses.  They help us to shed beliefs and behaviours that are no longer helpful.  They stimulate the thymus and are beneficial to the skeletal system.                                                

Fuchsite promotes a sense of ones worth and ability to overcome challenging situations.  It is helpful to those involved in both law enforcement and holistic medicine.  It enhances the energies of other minerals.  Fuchsite balances the red and white blood cell count, is beneficial for carpel tunnel syndrome, sore tendons, the spine and muscle flexibility.

Fulgurite (a natural glass tube formed in sand or rock by action of lightening) connects and aligns the energy centres of the body.   It promotes psychic development, channelling and automatic writing.  It enhances communication in both the physical and astral worlds.  It increases concentration and opens the mind to new and creative ideas.  Fulgurite helps to clear emotional blocks allowing energy to flow more freely and so increasing vitality.  It is beneficial for disorders of the ear, nose, throat, colon, alimentary canal and oesophagus. 

Gahnite Spinel releases stuck energies in the heart chakra, which may be presenting as dis-ease in the lungs, shoulders, arms or heart. This may be an emotionally painful experience and it is not advised to try this if you feel fragile or vulnerable. Spinel is a potent healing crystal for all levels and layers. It facilitates the removal of blockages, activates the new positive energies and renews tired or worn out cells.  Spinel helps us to face challenges and to see the positive in people and situations.

Galena aids communication over distance, in this world and other worlds.  It amplifies the energies around it, including other healing modalities.  It is an excellent stone for centring and grounding.   It stabilises relationships and situations.  Galena aids the treatment of skin infections and inflammation, and blood circulation and veins.  It stimulates circulation and blood flow, increasing energy and efficiency as it brings nutrients to the organs and eliminates toxins.  N.B. Do not ingest in any form or place in drinking water, due to its lead content.

Almandine Garnet balances all aspects of the subtle bodies, clears the auric pathways and connects the energy centres.   It is particularly helpful during a crisis when it encourages a positive attitude and confidence.  Almandine Garnet energises the body; increasing motivation and determination almost to the point of stubbornness.  It enhances the body’s ability to regenerate, stimulates the metabolism and fortifies the immune system.  It increases the formation of red blood cells. N.B. Do not use where tumours are present.

Andradite Garnet facilitates the acknowledgement and understanding other realms and beings.  Its strong energy cleanses the aura and encourages the build-up of strength, energy and vitality at all levels.  It is a powerful stone that can cleanse anything within its energy field.  Do not keep it near any programmed crystals as it may wipe out the programme!  Andradite Garnet enhances perseverance, courage, stamina, motivation and determination.  It dissolves feelings of isolation and being an outsider.  It kindles attraction in relationships and also an understanding of what characteristics are looked for in a mate and why.  It benefits the functioning of the heart, eases back and shoulder pains and reduces abdominal discomfort.

Green Garnet strengthens connections to the elemental realms and with ancient races.  It promotes a positive, optimistic outlook, encouraging self-confidence and creative thinking.  It fortifies the kidneys, is good for the skin and mucous membranes and is beneficial against rheumatism and arthritis.   N.B. Do not use for long periods with children and babies due to aluminium content.

Grossularite (Grossular Garnet) promotes a positive, optimistic outlook, encouraging self-confidence and creative thinking.  It encourages looking after the physical and emotional bodies including taking time for relaxation.  Grossularite Garnet fortifies the kidneys, is good for the skin and mucous membranes and is extremely beneficial against rheumatism and arthritis.  N.B. Do not use for children and babies due to aluminium content.

Hessonite (a variety of Grossular Garnet) cleanses and connects the base and sacral chakras.  It enhances self-belief and inner strength during challenging times, which remain in place even when the problem is resolved.   It alleviates anger and reduces stress, at the same time as promoting motivation.  It and lessens symptoms of the back and neck dis-ease (particularly lower back).  It helps with sexual function and reproduction.  N.B. Do not use for children and babies.  It may cause skin irritation due to aluminium content.

Orange Garnet cleanses and connects the base and sacral chakras.  It enhances self-belief, inner strength and motivation during challenging times, which remain in place even when the problem is resolved.   It lessens symptoms of the back and neck dis-ease (particularly lower back).  It helps with sexual function and reproduction.

Tsavorite (a variety of Grossular Garnet) it enhances mediumistic abilities and connecting with ancient races.  It draws abundance and prosperity.  It provides strength and courage.  Tsavorite fortifies the heart and improves its functioning.  It reduces symptoms of spinal dis-ease, improves posture and reduces pain of the neck shoulders or back.  It fortifies the kidneys, is good for the skin and mucous membranes and is beneficial against rheumatism and arthritis.   N.B. Do not use for long periods with children and babies due to aluminium content. 

Uvarovite Garnet stimulates and aids the development of the heart chakra, and subsequent changed behaviour enhances positive relationships and ends unhelpful ones.  It promotes a feeling of peace, inner contentment and being at one with one’s Self.  It sharpens the intellect, providing greater focus and understanding.  Uvarovite invites prosperity and abundance, being a financial lucky charm for business and work.  It detoxifies the body promoting optimal functioning of the kidney and liver.  It assists posture.                                        

Gem Silica heals this-life and past-life traumas, including all forms of abuse, and removes unhelpful energies from the emotional layer of the aura.  It prevents this-life traumas from becoming karmic patterns.  Gem Silica promotes self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-esteem, particularly for women, as it connects to the Goddess both within and without.  It aids the healing of the female organs and reduces symptoms of PMT.  It optimises brain functioning and eases sore throats.

Girasol (Opal/Moon Quartz) aids the development of psychic abilities including clairvoyance, intuition and divination.  It brings powerful dreams and visualizations and the means to understand them.  It aids communication through giving the courage to say things that were previously unspoken, coupled with the wisdom of knowing when to speak.  Girasol aids the healing of the inner child and past mental/emotional traumas.  It balances the metabolism, aids absorption of iron and so helps reduce exhaustion.                                                      

Goethite facilitates communication with the other realms and beings.  It aids connecting to the oneness of the Earth and the subtle vibrations from the Earth’s electromagnetic field.    It enhances motivation, determination, the will to survive and perseverance.  Goethite is a powerful physical and emotional healer, helping through times of grief and trauma.  It increases blood flow, strengthens the lower limbs and supports the spine.

Gold increases energy and vitality and purifies the physical body.  It is both illuminating and grounding, linking the universal and earth energies to provide a potent synergy.  It is particularly beneficial for the nervous system and aids the functioning of the brain.

Goldstone prompts optimism and an ability to cope through difficult times.  It suggests that even when life is challenging there are bright spots, and the more these are focussed on the easier life becomes.  Orange/Red Goldstone aids positive physical and emotional growth from childhood to adulthood.  It promotes knowing and understanding oneself.  Blue Goldstone facilitates positive expression of the self and others.  Green Goldstone brings balance and love of others and the self.      

Goshenite (colourless Beryl) facilitates authenticity and integrity.  It encourages self-control, creativity, and originality.  It aids practical decision making.  Goshenite aids communication, particularly in family settings.  It is beneficial for muscles and speeds the healing of wounds.      

Grass Flower Stone aids communication with the faerie realms and promotes a connection to Nature.  It heightens awareness of the environment and integrates positive action into everyday being.  It balances the physical body. Grass Flower Stone is a good grounding stone.  It brings a sense of calm and inner peace.  It is beneficial for the lungs and skin, particularly eczema and psoriasis.                     

Gyrolite enhances meditation and brings insight and knowledge, especially from the Ancestors.  It cleanses, activates and stimulates the healing energies of other crystals.  It connects and balances the physical and auric bodies, and energises the meridians, bringing you closer to a perfect state of well-being.  Gyrolite aligns the spinal column, supports and maintains the cellular and bone structures and stimulates the absorption of calcium.                 

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