Crystals ‘D – E’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Danburite is a stone of very high vibration with a fast electric energy.  It stimulates the crown, brow and higher chakras enabling communication with higher realms and beings including angels and the ancestors.  It enhances an understanding of messages received and how to proceed with the knowledge gained.  It increases channelling abilities, lucid dreaming and access to inner guidance.  Danburite encourages change at a deep level, enabling connection to spiritual contractual paths and brings a sense of serenity and wisdom.   It purifies the auric field and the environment.  It strengthens both physical and psychic senses.  N.B. Only use if you are ready for change.              

Datolite opens and clears the brow and crown chakras enabling an easy flow of energy.  This enhances communication and information both from the external higher realms and the internal Self and how to use the knowledge gained.  Intuition is improved.  Datolite clarifies the thinking processes, stimulates the flow of original ideas, aids concentration and the assimilation of new information, therefore it is ideal for students.  It is beneficial for bones, teeth and the immune system.

Desert Rose helps us to see our place in family, society, the Earth and the Universe.  It aids personal development in many aspects.  It helps with multi-tasking and bringing plans together.  Desert Rose brings good fortune.  It is beneficial for bones and the skins elasticity.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water. 

Diopside aids analytical, logical and mathematical thinking as well as academic learning.  It enhances willpower.  It strengthens physical and psychological weaknesses.  Dioptase releases tension including muscle spasms and headaches.                                                       

Dioptase stimulates all the chakras to a higher level of awareness and cleanses the connections between the physical body and the auric layers.  It is particularly beneficial for the heart chakra.  It promotes a sense of NOW, whilst being aware of the memory of past lives. It raises consciousness both of the Self and the planet and balances yin-yang energies.  Dioptase alleviates pain in general, reduces high blood pressure and eases tension.  It relieves the effects of heart and lung disorders and generally benefits all cells and structures.  It helps those with Meniere’s disease and increases T-cell count for those with AIDS.                                                         

Dolomite stems energy leaks from the chakras and balances and aligns the chakras and meridians.  It balances energies in the environment.   It promotes generosity of thought and action.  Dolomite creates a sense of inner peace and tranquillity, benefiting those who are depressed, grieving, anxious or lonely.  It strengthens bones, teeth, nails, skin and blood cells.  It strengthens female reproductive organs and reduces the effects of PMT.  N.B Do not cleanse in salt.                              

Duftite highlights behaviour patterns that others might find too challenging, and facilitates ways to moderate these.   Also, it promotes an acceptance of the challenging behaviours of others and a realisation that this is a reflection of what is ‘hidden’ within.  Duftite brings a sense of hope and freedom.

Dumortierite encourages a positive attitude, courage and trust.  It brings a sense of being in control of situations and reduces feelings of panic and fear.  It helps those trying to free themselves from addictions.  It relieves nausea, vomiting, cramp, colic and diarrhoea, migraines, epilepsy and UV skin irritations.                                                                  

Emerald brings a feeling of contentment and harmony by promoting sensitivity and loyalty for the Self and others.  It increases mental capacity and memory. It brings a positive outcome in legal affairs.  The heart chakra is stimulated by Emerald, which can also be used for dis-eases of the spine, lungs, eyes, heart and muscles.   It is very effective at reducing the discomfort of sinusitis.

Enstatite has energy that is fast and focussed.  It aids regression and past life work.  It strengthens motivation and determination to achieve your goal, alongside courage, particularly when standing against injustice.  It clears and aligns the base and sacral chakras.  It increases vitality and lifts the mood.  Enstatite helps to remove blockages preventing pregnancy (in both men and women).  It releases tension.

Epidote opens the crown chakra and aids the development of intuition, insight, psychic ability and spirituality, whether prepared for it or not!  It cleanses the emotional subtle bodies, freeing the physical body from the constraints imposed through emotional experience and storying.  Self-esteem, -image, -belief and – confidence are enhanced.  Epidote facilitates patience and acceptance of knowing the ‘right’ time.  It invigorates the immune system, aids digestion and promotes general well-being.  It stimulates the functioning of the liver, ensuring maximum nutritional intake into the blood stream.       

Ettringite aids self-healing on mental and emotional levels by providing insight to beliefs and behaviour.  It increases self-esteem and confidence.  It balances and revitalises the physical body.                                                                  

Euclase encourages the development of intuition and its use in daily life, stimulates creativity and promotes co-creation.   It removes blockages from the etheric body.  It facilitates using the whole Self to reach maximum potential.  Euclase aids all forms communication.  It enhances rational thinking and benefits those working with mathematics and geometry.  It reduces inflammation of joints and lessens the pain associated with muscles and wounds.                           

Eudialyte aids the development of clairaudience and clairvoyance.  It protects from psychic attack.  It stabilises the emotions, allowing for acceptance of the Self and of others.  It promotes self-confidence and trust, and reduces the need to rely on addictive behaviour.  Eudialyte strengthens motivation and drive.  It benefits the eyes, pancreas and thyroid as well as increasing vitality.  It is not recommended for highly competitive people.                                                 

The Eye of Shiva aids telepathy and enhances divinatory abilities.  It strengthens connections with the sea, its creatures and mysteries.  It is very protective against anything harmful.  When making decisions it encourages seeing the ‘wider picture’, this brings positive benefits to a wide number of people through decisions made.  It offers comfort and support through challenging times and draws good luck.  Eye of Shiva strengthens the skeleton system.  It balances the fluids of the body. 

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