Crystals ‘C’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Cacoxinite activates the crown and brow (third eye) chakras.  It stimulates the psychic abilities and intuition.  It enhances insight.  It balances and integrates personal will with the higher Self.  Cacoxinite encourages new thinking and creative ideas. Cacoxinite sometimes forms as an inclusion in Quartz or Amethyst and is one of the minerals that make up a Super Seven.

Blue Calcite is a calming and soothing stone.  It enhances communications and thought processes. It lifts the mood and soothes emotions.  It is beneficial for the throat, lungs, thyroid and joints, and reduces the symptoms of arthritis.  It lowers high blood pressure. 

Chromite in Calcite heightens awareness and perception (can lead to dizziness if used for prolonged periods).  It is a potent healing crystal for all levels and layers.  It purifies the aura and subtle bodies, removes blockages, activates the new positive energies and renews tired or worn out cells.  When focussed on the heart chakra it protects and supports through emotionally challenging times and strengthens afterwards, helping during times of grief, loss and sadness.  Chromite in Calcite stimulates and heightens the functioning of the brain, increasing creativity and promoting new ideas. It aids the absorption of vitamins A and D. 

Green Calcite enhances intuition and psychic abilities, enabling messages to flow through the higher heart chakra.  Place under your pillow for remembering dreams.  It brings abundance in all areas, including success, prosperity and health.  It is beneficial for the heart, thymus, chest, shoulders, kidneys, bladder and lower lungs.  It reduces the symptoms of heartburn, nervous tics, stammering, neurosis and arthritis.  It is especially beneficial for healing tumours and other malignancies. 

Honey Calcite enhances psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness.  It energises, cleanses and heals all levels of the aura and amplifies the life force energy.  It connects the sacral and solar plexus charkas, increasing confidence and self-esteem.  Honey Calcite enhances mental clarity and concentration, promoting wisdom and honesty.  It lifts the mood and soothes the emotions.  It aids digestion and cellular regeneration.  It is beneficial for kidneys, bladder, and female organs and helps women through the menopause. It is especially helpful for anxious children.

Lime Calcite speeds up spiritual development and enhances all psychic endeavour.  It connects to other realms via meditation bringing new insight and knowledge.  It strengthens intuition.  It aids communication during difficult and challenging conversations.  Lime Calcite lifts the mood, helping those feeling isolated and lonely, as well as those with depression and anxiety.  It stimulates the metabolism, forties the immune system and is beneficial for bones and teeth.  

Mangano Calcite helps develop channelling and astral travelling abilities.  It is an excellent complement to energy healing modalities e.g. Reiki.  It’s soft, soothing energy heals inner child hurts and past abuse, bringing peace, hope and optimism.  Mangano Calcite aids study and the assimilation of information.  It enhances general health and healing, particularly of bones, joints and the heart.  It reduces symptoms of IBS and other digestive conditions.  It is especially beneficial to the unborn child and young children, as well as adults who find it hard to say no.

Optical Calcite enhances intuition, psychic awareness and insight.  It cleanses the aura and subtle bodies.  It challenges limiting and unhelpful beliefs and offers support when facing difficult situations and experiences, and with making changes, even when difficult.  Optical Calcite aids learning and the assimilation of new information.  It is beneficial to the skeletal system and helps posture.  It reduces pain in the feet.                                                                             

Orange Calcite speeds up spiritual development and encourages a positive view of the Self.  It transforms ideas into action, bringing plans and goals into reality.  It and aids the development of independence and personality.  It draws success and prosperity.  Orange Calcite increases confidence and self-esteem.   It stimulates the metabolism, forties the immune system and is beneficial for bones and teeth. 

Red Calcite increases the will to survive, motivation, determination and willpower.  It facilitates the release of all fears, enabling all round growth and development.  It reduces blocks on every level and is an excellent detoxifier.  Red Calcite is beneficial for the genitals and reproductive organs.  It aids healing of the hips, knees, ankles, legs and feet, bringing support, stability and strength in moving forward.   N.B. Not recommended for highly competitive people.

Sunshine Calcite aids the development of psychic ability and intuition.  It cleanses the aura.  It enhances mental clarity and concentration.  Sunshine Calcite produces a sense of optimism and motivation to overcome challenges.  It stimulates the metabolism and benefits the immune and skeletal systems.  It aids cellular regeneration. 

Carborundum boosts our connection with the universe and communication within other realms, as well as telepathy.   It stimulates the chakras and removes negativity from the aura.  It absorbs harmful electro-magnetic radiation, especially from computers etc.  It amplifies the energy of other crystals.  Carborundum promotes an optimistic outlook and the ability to hold onto a goal when everything seems against it.   It enables ‘multi-tasking’ even during challenging times.  It reduces depression and anxiety, bringing a sense of contentment.  It aids concentration and mental focus, lessening the symptoms of dementia and memory loss.

Carnelian aids both open- and closed eye meditation, prolonging focus and concentration.  It increases the ability to solve problems and to bring plans to a conclusion.  It promotes steadfastness, idealism and courage in day to day challenges and boosts determination, motivation and courage.  It lifts the mood and emotions.  It increases physical energy.  Carnelian stimulates the metabolism and absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the small intestine.  It increases the quality of blood and ensures good supply to the organs and tissues.  It alleviates rheumatism and helps with male and female infertility.                                                       

Carrollite facilitates astral travel and communication with other realms, particular with elementals and faeries.  It offers protection whilst ‘away’ and ensures save return.  It strengthens resolve and motivation and increases confidence.

Cassiterite provides insight into astrology, astronomy and mathematics.  It brings connection to the magnetics of the Earth and its geology.  It is a good grounding stone and provides physical protection through absorbing unhelpful energies or reflecting them back to the sender.  Cassiterite encourages optimism, and reduces feelings of rejection and disapproval. It balances the hormones and can help in with weight loss.                                                      

Cats Eye (synthetic) encourages happiness, serenity and good luck.  It dispels unwanted energy from the subtle bodies.  It increases success and prosperity.  It is beneficial for eye disorders (including night vision) and the nervous system.  The colour also influences the healing properties.  Blue calms and aids communication and expression.  Green soothes the emotions and is beneficial for lung and stomach disorders. Purple brings insight and optimism.  Red invigorates and increases blood flow.  Yellow lightens the mood helps reduce urinary disorders. 

Cavansite facilitates the development of intuition, second-sight and channelling, and aids psychic healing, including distance Reiki.  It provides the opportunity to reflect on actions and to make helpful changes.  Cavansite helps in all areas of communication.  It is beneficial for the throat, eyes, and teeth and regulates blood pressure.  N.B. Use with extreme care if taking medication to regulate blood pressure.    

Celestite opens and strengthens the brow, crown and soul star chakras, facilitating contact and communication with spiritual and angelic realms.  It enables information given to become manifest on the earth plane.  It aids clairvoyance, dream recall, telepathy and astral travel, coupled with spiritual development and pureness of heart.  It brings together the rational and the intuitive sides to bring clarity to complex concepts and ideas.  Celestite reduces stress, dispels worries and lifts the mood bringing a sense of calm and peace.  It attracts good fortune.  It can help with disorders of the lungs, throat, eyes and ears as well as mental health problems.  It eliminates toxins and brings cellular order. 

Celestobarite (BarytoCelestine) assists astral travel and ensures a safe return even when shape shifting.  It facilitates connection to your Totem animal.  It aids the development of psychic ability and intuition and brings added insight during divination.  This enables clear thinking and decision making. Celestobarite brings a sense of calm and lifts the mood.  It detoxifies the physical body and helps to overcome addictions.  It is beneficial for the senses, particularly sight and hearing.

Cerussite aids psychic development, bringing clarity and understanding to communication with higher beings and increasing intuition. It facilitates accepting what can, and cannot be changed and provides the confidence to achieve the former. Cerussite reduces stress and promotes good sleep patterns. It aids the central nervous system and the skeletal system.

Chalcedony helps balance energy on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  It encourages goodwill; alleviating irritation, hostility and melancholy.  As well as promoting general good health it encourages assimilation of minerals, increases mental stability and reduces symptoms of dementia and memory loss.

Blue Chalcedony aids communication, both speaking and listening.  It encourages acceptance of new situations and enhances self-awareness.  It reduces oversensitivity to seasonal changes and brings a sense of continuity and balance.  Blue Chalcedony reduces respiratory dis-ease and the symptoms of glaucoma and allergies.  It lowers both blood pressure and temperature, stimulates the flow of body fluids and s the immune system.  It improves memory and helps produce milk in lactating mothers.                                                                         

Pink Chalcedony balances the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and aligns the chakras.  It opens up acceptance of the Self.  It aids communication from the heart and generosity of spirit.  It gently increases energy and directs motivation.   It is particularly good for young children lacking in confidence or who are undergoing changes such as starting school etc.  Pink Chalcedony helps delay the onset of dementia and is protective against infections.  It is beneficial for the spleen, blood and the circulatory system and reduces build-up of cholesterol.                        

Star Chalcedony facilitates connection with energies of the earth and sea, including the fey and dolphins.  It strengthens connections with the wheel of the year; the daily, seasonal and yearly changes and brings deeper understanding to how these impact on our day to day living.  Star Chalcedony encourages sharing on all levels, as well as respect to others, whether of a different cultural, gender, faith etc.  It encourages us to be open with ourselves and others; highlighting areas for change and letting go, so be prepared for change and the challenges this brings!  It brings both the physical and subtle bodies into balance that leads to a sense of well-being.  It clears physical blockages in the intestines, veins, capillaries and bronchioles.                                

Chalcopyrite cleanses and aligns the subtle bodies and strengthens the meridian system.  It amplifies the energies of thought and intention and can bring about fundamental changes.  It promotes optimism, enthusiasm and motivation; lifting the mood when feeling despondent or despairing.  It is a good grounding stone.  Chalcopyrite boosts energy levels, increases blood flow, cleanses wounds and eliminates infections.  It helps those with arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism.  N.B. Use with care if taking blood thinning medication.

Charoite aids spiritual development, (especially in turning away from consumerism and materialism), provides deep personal healing and facilitates past life recall.  It is a great crystal to use in meditation; either open-eyed looking into and beyond the swirling patterns, or closed-eyed by holding in the hands or placing above the crown chakra.  Charoite helps you to cope with profound changes by encouraging a relaxed attitude and reducing fear and anger.  It helps you to make positive decisions.  It aids sleeping, relieves cramps and pain, reduces fevers and calms nerves.  It is beneficial for kidney, liver and pancreas function.

Chiastolite generates communication with the ancestors and indigenous peoples, particularly native Americans.  It helps with finding direction when you feel ‘lost’ and facilitates a sense of connection with the natural rhythms of life.  It centres, stabilises and grounds bringing a sense of peace, even in the most challenging times, whilst keeping a sense of reality.  It strengthens analytical thinking and encourages letting go of anything that is no longer helpful.  Chiastolite aids healing in all levels of the body, bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance.  It alleviates rheumatism and gout and fortifies the nerves and immune system.                                                         

Chinese Bamboo promotes the balance of yin and yang energies in the body and mind.  It stabilises the body at all levels.  It promotes a minimalist approach to life and encourages respect for elders and ancient knowledge.  Chinese Bamboo brings a sense of peace, calm and tranquillity.  It reduces infections and speeds up healing and regeneration.  It is beneficial for the respiratory system.  N.B. Do not use if cancer is present, but can be used after surgery.

Green Chinese Bamboo facilitates access to ancient knowledge and the Akashic records.  It balances both the physical and subtle bodies, gently clearing blockages in the chakras and meridians.  It helps you to sift what really matters from the materialistic and shallow other.  It quietly pushes you to develop your Self and leads you to a better place, emotionally and spiritually.  It reduces infections and speeds up healing and regeneration, especially of the circulatory and nervous systems. 

Chinese Cloud Stone aids communication with the angelic realm, as well as astral travel, particularly when connected to choosing your Life’s Path.  It heightens intuition and working towards the greatest good.  It raises the vibrations of the subtle bodies.  It dispels negative energies from the body and the environment.  On an emotional level, it comforts and soothes, releasing stress and tension and bringing feelings of inner peace. 

Chinese Wave Stone aids deep meditation, providing profound insights.  It facilitates communication with the elemental and fairy realms.  It energises the lower charkas, increasing determination and motivation and building self-esteem and confidence.  It raises energy levels and the ability to cope with every day challenges.  It is beneficial to the lower back, hip, knee and ankle joints.

Chrysoberyl aids the development of psychic vision, seeing things that have previously been veiled.  It aids meditation and astral travel especially seeing other dimensions and realms.  It increases the possibility of linking with inter-dimensional beings, in order to bring planetary and cosmic healing.  Chrysoberyl enhances dream work and clairvoyance.                                                            

Chrysocolla increases our connection with the natural world and the universe.  It balances self-awareness with that of the environment whilst working towards your goals.  It increases motivation and drive and ensures both clarity and neutrality.  It lessens nervousness and irritability.  When used on the throat chakra it encourages verbal expression that is true to the Self and comes from the heart.  Chrysocolla reduces infections, particularly of the throat and tonsils.  It lowers blood pressure and cools the body, lessening the effects of burns and high temperature.  It regulates the function of the thyroid gland and both detoxifies and fortifies the liver and alleviates cramps.

Chrysoprase helps recognise the phenomenon of synchronicity and brings acknowledgment of being part of a greater whole.  It promotes motivation away from the ego and moving towards the greatest good of all.  It facilitates patience, trust and serenity, and encourages a positive attitude. It attracts abundance and success.  In addition to being good for general well-being, Chrysoprase dissolves nightmares and encourages healthy sleep patterns.  It stimulates liver function and is good for skin diseases (For fungal infections use with Smokey Quartz).  It increases efficiency of the lymphatic system and regulates mucous production. It aids fertility.     

Lemon Chrysoprase promotes well-being and balance.  It helps to heal relationships with openness and honesty.  It attracts abundance and brings success to new ventures.  It calms and soothes the emotions producing a sense of peace and contentment, thus helping those with depression and anxiety.  Lemon Chrysoprase eases dis-orders of the thymus, heart, lungs, shoulders and chest; creating a gentle healing process throughout the body.  It gently increases the efficiency of the lymphatic system and regulates mucous production.  It dissolves nightmares and aids peaceful sleeping, particularly with young children.                                                            

Chrysotile promotes resourcefulness and integrity.  It aids the removal of past issues and facilitates the growth of the Self.  It assists with telepathic development and optimises the benefits of synchronicity.  Chrysotile helps reduce symptoms of disorders of the veins and arteries, inflammation of the skin, lung disorders, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue.  It increases tissue regeneration. N.B. Do not use where tumours are present or as an elixir due to asbestos content.                  

Cinnabar increases individual power and encourages assertiveness without becoming selfish.  It helps us to reach our chosen goals, and can remove obstacles and challenges that are in the way (that are not necessary for our highest good).  It is an excellent stone to achieve success in business.  Red Cinnabar strengthens motivation and willpower.  Blue Cinnabar enhances verbal expression and communication.  Both fortify the physical body, help with weight control and aid blood circulation (Blue slowing and lowering pressure and Red doing the reverse).  

Citrine aids those who seek a new purpose and direction, if left under the pillow at night it gives pleasant or insightful dreams.  It clears the pathways of the subtle bodies.  It protects from radiation and negative energy, so from computers etc. and from the environment.  It attracts abundance in any form that is most needed.  Citrine helps reduce anxieties, depression and stomach tension. It renews and cleanses the skin and is beneficial for diabetes and circulatory disorders.

Natural Citrine balances the subtle and physical bodies, cleans the aura and aligns the chakras and meridians.   It cleanses and protects the person and environment by transmuting negative energy and sending out positive energies.  It draws in abundance in any form that is appropriate to the person or situation.  Natural Citrine gently reduces feelings of anxiety, insecurity and depression replacing them with feelings of joy, hope, confidence and enthusiasm alongside a positive mental attitude. It benefits the pancreas, liver, gall-bladder, and spleen, and is particularly helpful for those with M.E and similar conditions.                               

Cleavelandite promotes moving on, goal setting and putting plans into action, whilst offering protection for this to occur.   It provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, releasing old beliefs and behaviours that are no longer useful.  It aids the building and sustaining of relationships and facilitates a feeling of joy and contentment.                                                     

Cobalt promotes a sense of inner harmony that ripples into the environment.  It enhances all kinds of creativity.  It benefits the heart both physically and emotionally.  Cobalt helps against cell dis-orders, including tumours.  It aids healing in general through the increased production of red blood cells, which stimulates all organs and boosts energy.  It is beneficial for those with nerve damage and conditions such as fibromyalgia.  

Copal is a younger version of Amber, but still millions of years old!  It activates the crown chakra and facilitates connecting to the Ancestors and ancient knowledge and wisdom, especially of the natural world.  It soothes and heals imbalance in the aura, bringing the whole body back into balance and harmony.  It brings good luck and success.  Copal encourages individuality without becoming solitary.  It strengthens interactions, adding courage when needed.  It benefits the kidneys and bladder and regulates mucous production.   It aids the healing of wounds and soothes painful joints and teething pains.                                                                                  

Copper connects the physical body with that of the aura and aligns the subtle bodies.  It amplifies the energies of thought and intention and magnifies the energy transfer of healer or crystal to the recipient.  It promotes initiative, optimism, enthusiasm, energy and independence. Copper speeds blood flow, bringing nutrients to all parts and is particularly beneficial for the brain.  It cleanses wounds and eliminates infections.  It helps those with arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism.  N.B. Do not use if taking medication for thinning of the blood. 

Coprolite facilitates past life recall.  It aids the removal of long-held unhelpful beliefs and behaviour patterns.  It increases memory and enhances the assimilation of new information.  It promotes mental stability and boosts determination and motivation. Coprolite increases energy levels and is beneficial for the digestive system, including IBS.

Blue Coral aids communication with the elemental world and with dolphins.  It enhances intuition.  It brings to the surface issues that have been hidden, so is suitable for those ready to deal with these. It is helpful for day to day communication and for throat conditions.  Blue Coral reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and balances the mental and emotional bodies.  It is beneficial for bones, stimulates tissue regeneration and nourishes the blood cells. Particularly, it helps those with dis-ease of the digestive system, including IBS. N.B Do not use when tumours are present.

Red Coral promotes harmony of the self with the universe and nature.  It protects from depression and despondency, bringing new motivation.  It helps in cases of hiccups, colic and heartburn.  Red Coral reduces symptoms of dis-ease of the kidneys, bladder and parathyroid and also stimulates the metabolism.

Cordierite aids spiritual development, notably in activating the brow chakra, enhancing psychic abilities and assisting astral travel, especially for those beginning their journey.  It enhances knowledge of ancient wisdom coupled with inner knowing.  It aligns and balances the subtle bodies.  Cordierite aids understanding addictive behaviour leading to reducing it and it is particularly helpful in managing finances.  It helps to acknowledge and express individual strength.  It aids the function of the liver and kidneys and alleviates headaches and fevers.

Cornetite facilitates a deep understanding of the full meaning of love, including both giving and receiving unconditionally, as well as aiding the resolution of grievances thus benefiting relationships.  It promotes inventive thinking and fair decision-making.  Cornetite enables the externalisation of creative expression.                                                        

Covellite enhances intuitive and psychic abilities. It facilitates connecting to your higher Self, past lives and ancient knowledge, particularly when used as a meditation tool.  It aids re-birthing.  It clarifies analytical thinking and eases decision-making.  Covellite is beneficial for the ears, nose, mouth, and sinuses.                                                                              

Crocoite reduces pressure emotionally, mentally and physically, whilst increasing vitality and strength.   It lifts the spirits making you feel good and enhances creativity.  It builds inner strength and courage.  Do not keep in full sun                                                                             

Cuprite facilitates the access to past lives.  It opens and clears the root and sacral chakras.  It aids the healing of relationships with men, particularly the father.   It enhances confidence. Cuprite strengthens the thymus and heart and increases the oxygen in the blood.  It is beneficial to the metabolism and increases stamina.  It aids vitamin and mineral absorption.

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