Crystals ‘B’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Barite (Baryte) provides smooth transitions between the physical world and the spiritual realms, as well as shape-shifting.  It provides focus to goals and the ability and motivation to bring these to fruition.  It promotes friendship and harmony.  Barite detoxifies the physical body and is beneficial for those suffering with digestive dis-ease.  It helps those with addictions by reducing dependency on any substance.  It encourages positive self-esteem and confidence.  In addition, Blue Barite calms following shock.  It promotes fluent conversation and confident public speaking.  Clear Barite clears the mind of clutter and brings focus and clarity of thought. Golden Barite facilitates healing and prophetic dreaming.  It encourages authenticity and integrity.        

Benitoite promotes psychic development, particularly of clairvoyance and telepathy.  It aids meditation and brings contact with higher energetic beings.  It brings clarity and understanding to our Life’s Purpose.                                                                     

Beryl opens the crown and brow chakras, aiding all higher vibrational work.  It encourages a determined, goal-orientated, far-sighted view and increased mental clarity.  It aids telepathy and verbal communication.  Beryl reduces symptoms of nervousness and emotional instability due to stress, bringing feelings of security and stability.  It aids detoxification by stimulating liver functions and aids the autonomous nervous system and digestion.  It helps with short- and long-sightedness, and symptoms of chronic stress.                           

Biotite Mica aids channelling messages from other realms, deepening knowledge and bringing wisdom.  It enhances perception and clarifies the understanding of situations, removing anything that is not helpful.  Biotite Mica encourages rational thinking and clear decision making.  It is beneficial for eyes, sinuses and pancreas. 

Bismuth facilitates access to spiritual realms and to astral travel.  It clears paths between the chakras.  It brings chaos into order, thus creating calm and inner peace.  Bismuth benefits both intimate relationships and communities with a common goal.  It lessens feelings of isolation and lifts the mood.  It releases energy and reduces fevers.  It works very quickly, be warned!  N.B. Do not place in water                

Bixbyite (Red Beryl) strengthens the root chakra, strengthening motivation, determination and the will to survive.   It aids the development of intuition and enhances creativity.  Bixbyite increases physical strength and reduces exhaustion.  It eases pain and reduces symptoms of dis-ease of the heart, liver, mouth, throat, stomach and digestive system

Bloodstone offers protection by fending off unwanted or unhelpful influences.  It promotes dreaming, and facilitates adjustment to the unexpected.  It can have a calming, grounding affect; however, it does increase blood flow to the part that it is placed near.  Bloodstone boosts the immune system during acute infections (place on thymus) and reduces the formation of pus.  It has a strong detoxifying effect by stimulating the lymphatic flow and metabolic processes.  It benefits liver functioning.  N.B Do not use in the first months of pregnancy, where there is chronic circulatory dis-ease or with medication such as warfarin.  

Brazilianite is a rare stone.  It facilitates communication to past civilisations.  It opens and clears the heart chakra, bringing empathy to challenging situations and relationships.  It stimulates the meridians, reducing blockages and enabling energy flow. It facilitates developing insight.  Brazilianite lowers fevers, stabilising body temperatures and reduces the symptoms of sunstroke.  It reduces symptoms of disorders of the nervous system, brain, and spinal cord. 

Bronzite facilitates a feeling of certainty when goal-setting, whilst remaining flexible to how this is achieved and provides support throughout this process.  It offers protection, reflecting the unhelpful energies back to the sender.  It is a grounding stone and helps us to live with what we have.  Bronzite reduces muscular tension.  It aids the assimilation of iron, and increases the acidity within the body.  

Bryozoan Coral aids communication with water elementals.  It enhances intuition.  It promotes a go with the flow attitude.  Bryozoan Coral reduces anxiety, balances the mental and emotional bodies and helps adapt to changes.       

Buddstone combines Verdite and Serpentine.  It aids meditation and ‘healing dreaming’; connecting with ancient knowledge in order to develop the Self.  It aids intuition, particularly with the natural environment.  It stimulates the lower chakras.  Buddstone aids decision making and rational thinking.  It is good for detoxifying the body.  It benefits the kidneys, liver, spleen, reproductive and digestive systems, as well as hips and legs.  It helps those with dementia. 

Bustamite is a very powerful stone and can remove long standing energy blocks, clearing chakras and meridian pathways and aligning them.  This is always for the good, but not necessarily comfortable!  It is an excellent stone to use in meditation and can facilitate lucid dreaming. It can activate and clear the heart chakra.  It provides insight into current relationships and situations and gives the inner strength to change these if they are not constructive.   Bustamite benefits those with calcium deficiency, poor circulation and heart and lung disorders.  It can reduce tumours.  It stabilises pancreas and liver function.  It dispels pain, particularly emotional pain and migraines.  It is helps to prolong good health when ageing. 

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