Crystals ‘A’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Abalone (Paua Shell) increases psychic development and intuition.  It facilitates a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, bringing inner peace and contentment.  It lifts the mood and enhances a sense of happiness, fun, liveliness and frivolity.  It strengthens bones and the immune system.   

Actinolite expands and balances the subtle bodies, particularly when used with sheen obsidian.  It aids dream-working.  It is highly protective and will strengthen wanted traits and release unwanted ones, bring the mind, and body into balance.  It is often found included in Quartz.                                                                    

Aegirine is highly protective against psychic attacks and other forms of negative energy. It offers emotional support following broken relationships of any kind and enhances feelings of self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-confidence.  Aegirine benefits the immune system and enhances the body’s ability to heal itself.                                                                

Agate facilitates spiritual growth, deep meditation and astral projection, including journeying to the Ancestors.  It balances the aura and subtle bodies, bringing an inner peace.  It promotes general good physical, mental and emotional health.  Agate eases internal tensions and strengthens the ability to manage external influences and challenges.  It helps rational thinking and concentration. It is beneficial for both pregnant women and the unborn child.  It lessens the symptoms of conjunctivitis, gastric ulcers, bladder, intestinal and uterus inflammation and skin diseases, It stimulates digestion and reduces swellings of bruises and sprains.                                                                     

Black Agate facilitates courage, attracts good fortune and is a strong protector.  These qualities assist in reducing stress, lifting a low mood and bringing success.  It aids fertility and protects new life, making Black Agate a beneficial stone throughout pregnancy.  It strengthens bone marrow production, lessens allergic reactions, eases unwanted menopausal symptoms and may reduce breast tumours.            

Black Zebra Agate has the core properties of all Agates i.e. it encourages and facilitates general good health and well-being as well as bringing both the physical and subtle (aura and chakras) bodies into balance.  However, this stone’s main focus is that of protection, particularly of physical dangers.  This is ideal for those travelling, working or living in volatile environments or partaking in dangerous sports etc.  Also, it aids those with bone loss.            

Blue Lace Agate increases psychic awareness.  It is great for reducing stress, by soothing and calming and removing anger and irritation.  It is beneficial for growth, particularly emotionally.  It reduces infections, inflammations and fevers and eases arthritis.  It is beneficial for the eyes.

Botswana Agate facilitates increased insight and intuition.  It mends and strengthens the aura.   It eases emotional trauma, particularly following loss, and brings a sense of calm and inner peace, even during challenging transitions and situations.  It reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety and benefits the nervous system.  Botswana Agate lessens addictive traits and behaviour.  It removes toxins from the body and speeds the healing of broken bones.  It benefits the reproductive organs of women and increases fertility.

Camel Agate encourages powerful dreaming and understanding the dreams meaning.  This has a profound impact on the subconscious and brings about changes in thought patterns and behaviour.  There is no going back and be prepared for a bumpy ride!  Camel Agate energises, detoxifies the body, rejuvenates cells and awakens the thymus gland.   

Fire Agate aids spiritual development, facilitates meditation and assimilating received messages.  It facilitates communication with elementals and beings from the Faery world.   It aids living in harmony with nature and highlights the actions to be taken to achieve this.  It enhances energetic healing modalities.  It is grounding and offers protection, especially from psychic attack.  Fire Agate promotes inner courage and strength and increases confidence, self-esteem, determination and motivation.  It helps with verbal and written expression.  It increases energy in those systems which are sluggish.  Do not use if experiencing ‘hot flushes’ or a raised temperature.  

Grey Banded Agate helps to harmonise the physical and subtle bodies by utilising the energies of both the universe and the earth.  It balances the dualities of body and spirit, helping to stabilise the emotions and maintain good health.  Grey Banded Agate lifts the mood and enables seeing a brighter future.  It helps those lacking in confidence and self-esteem.  It is beneficial for the skin and hair. 

Blue Moss Agate enhances spiritual awareness and understanding, bringing a sense of calm and contentedness.  It aids attuning to the emotional needs of others and aids vocal communication.  It draws abundance in many forms.  Blue Moss Agate relieves stress and tension.  It both cools and thins blood flow and is beneficial to the respiratory system.  It lowers fevers and is an anti-inflammatory, helping those with arthritis.

Green Moss Agate aids communication and connection with the faery realm and nature.  It is inspiring and spiritually liberating, particularly following a ‘block’.  It brings strength to hold on to positive ideas and goals when others would change them.  It releases stress, encourages hope and trust, and aids communication of all kinds.  Green Moss Agate increases lymphatic fluid flow, alleviates lymph node swellings and boosts the immune system.  It lowers fevers and is an anti-inflammatory.  It reduces sensitivity to seasonal changes, including hayfever. 

Pink Agate gently cleanses and stabilises the aura.  It aids the development of intuition and promotes looking within oneself for solutions.  It encourages the removal of layers that no longer serve a positive function.  It facilitates finding quick solutions.  Pink Agate calms and soothes the emotions. It encourages regeneration and growth, and is particularly beneficial during pregnancy.  It reduces symptoms of bladder, intestines, uterus and digestive problems.

Red Line Agate clears and aligns the earth star, base and sacral chakras.  It aids connection to the natural world and communication with Elementals.  It is a grounding stone.  It encourages letting go of the past and then moving forward; harnessing motivation and determination coupled with patience and inner strength to bring this about.  Red Line Agate eliminates blockages and relieves tensions.  It is beneficial for the lower bowel and constipation. It helps those with leg joint problems and stiffness.

Silver Leaf Agate facilitates acceptance of the Self and the responsibility for life’s circumstance and the knowledge that it can be changed.  It works towards balance both physically and in the environment and brings abundance in the most needed form.  Silver Leaf Agate both grounds and protects.  It is beneficial for the functioning of lungs and kidneys.

Tree Agate facilitates connection with the earth and communication with elementals.  It aids insight and deepens knowledge of the Self, bringing greater clarity and integrity.  It creates a calm and peaceful environment and attracts abundance.   Tree Agate is beneficial for the pathways of the physical body including blood vessels, nerves and the skeleton.  It speeds the healing of wounds.  It enhances the growth of plants.  It tends to work gently over time.

Yellow Agate offers protection and support during challenging times.  It increases inner strength and courage, along with self-esteem and confidence.  It strengthens the heart both physically and emotionally and brings a feeling of fun, joy and vitality.  Yellow Agate detoxifies the body through the release of stored anger and bitterness.  It is especially beneficial for anxious children.  It aids the re-oxygenation of body, thus restoring energy, and regenerates cells.  It soothes digestive dis-ease, lowers temperature and is beneficial for the skin.  

Ajoite aids connection to the higher Self and communication with the higher realms and beings. It is an excellent meditation tool.  Ajoite releases negative energies from the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies thus removing unhelpful and out-dated emotions and blocks and bringing renewed sense of optimism and acceptance.  It brings a sense of calm, inner peace and harmony.

Alexandrite aids spiritual development, strengthening abilities and the wisdom to use them for the highest good.  It opens the brow chakra (third eye) and connects this to the heart and throat chakras.  This decreases the ego and facilitates using your abilities with love and expressing them in a helpful way.  Alexandrite increases self-esteem and confidence.  It aids decision-making and getting the best from any situation.  It is beneficial for the central nervous system, spleen and pancreas. 

Amazonite balances Yin and Yang energies and aligns the physical body with the subtle bodies, which strengthens the energies, making them more balanced and protective. It is helpful for students, as it assists clarity of thought, assimilation of knowledge and insight.  It soothes the nerves.  Amazonite relieves muscle spasms (it is very good for childbirth) and reduces the symptoms of osteoporosis and calcium deficiency.

Amber aids connect with the Ancestors and to ancient knowledge.  It soothes and heals imbalance in the aura, bringing the whole body back into balance and harmony.  It enhances good luck and happiness, bringing trust, peace and success.  It encourages spontaneity and a sunny, gentle disposition.  It is motivational and reduces perceived obstacles.  Amber is beneficial for stomach, spleen, kidney, liver, gallbladder and skin disorders.  It eases painful joints, aids the healing of wounds and soothes teething pains.

Amblygonite clears and cleanses the chakras, meridians and aura through all levels.  It aids the removal of blocked emotions; both releasing and transmuting negative energies, allowing you to move on in life free from the burdens of the past.  It increases creativity in thought and deed.  Amblygonite increases self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence, whilst encouraging empathy towards others.  It is helpful against depression and anxiety.  N.B. Do not drink water in which Amblygonite has been placed. 

Amegreen combines purple Amethyst and green Prasiolite with white Quartz.  As it connects to the Soul chakra, it greatly enhances psychic ability and meditation, bringing profound insight from connecting with higher realms.  It encourages using intuition on a daily basis.  It increases self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.  Amegreen gently helps those with depression or experiencing grief or loss, whether recent or long standing.  It lifts the mood and strengthens resolve.  It aids recovery from physical traumas by speeding the healing of wounds.  It is beneficial for the digestive system.

Amethyst facilitates communication with higher realms and connection to past lives.  It opens perceptual awareness and aids meditation, intuition and clairvoyance.  It encourages spiritual insight, honesty and inspiration.  It offers protection, both physically and from psychic attacks.  It supports and encourages those freeing themselves from addictions, particularly of alcohol, as well as helping to overcome phobias.  It brings comfort during times of sadness, grief and loss.  Amethyst reduces tension and relieves headaches.  It helps lessen swellings from injuries and reduces symptoms of lung and intestinal dis-eases.  It is an excellent pain reliever (physically, emotionally and mentally) and facilitates healthy sleeping patterns (great for insomniacs).   It benefits those with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and immune system deficiencies.

Banded Amethyst facilitates deep meditation, including connection to higher realms and the Ancestors.  It heightens spiritual awareness, intuition and clairvoyance.  It cleanses the aura and energises chakras.  Banded Amethyst offers protection from psychic attack and repels negative energies.  It reduces physical, emotional and mental pain, soothing and calming, even during the most challenging times, bringing a sense of peace and contentment.   It helps those with depression and anxiety, as well as MS and other motor neuron dis-ease.

Amethyst Flowers have the energies of Amethyst plus the following.  They encourage and enable the ability to be involved in many tasks, groups etc., whilst remaining centred and retaining a grip on what is important.  They bring a calming, fluid energy to both individuals and the environment.

Lavender Amethyst opens open the brow chakra (third eye), facilitating communication with other realms, including the Akashic records.  It aids deep and insightful meditation and strengthens intuition and psychic awareness, aiding tarot and rune readings.  Lavender Amethyst is especially comforting during times of sadness, grief and loss.  It reduces insomnia and nightmares.  It offers gentle support to those giving up addictions.                                                                                 

Ametrine aids healing meditation and dreaming.  It cleanses the aura, removing negative and unhelpful energies.  It promotes optimism and hope, leading to considered action that brings a sense of resolution and harmony to previously difficult relationships or situations.  It draws good luck and stimulates creative energy.  It increases confidence and self-worth.  Ametrine brings a sense of general well-being due its cleansing effects on the metabolism and tissues, and its support of the autonomic nervous system.  Therefore it is beneficial following series illness, injury or operations.  It ameliorates the symptoms of dementia.                         

Ammonite (over 65 million years old) facilitates growth on your spiritual contractual path in a stable and manageable manner.  It increases life force (chi, ki).  It brings order from chaos on all levels, drawing in unhelpful energies and releasing them as positive energies.  It attracts abundance and success.  Ammonite is beneficial for those working in occupations where precision and analytical thinking is paramount.  It aids those recovering from trauma as it builds up strength.  It is beneficial for ear disorders.  It eases symptoms of depression and helps with the birthing process.            

Amphibole (Angel Phantom Quartz) aids linking to the highest realms, particular with Angels.   It aids past life recall and connecting to ancient wisdom.  It awakens and integrates the Soul Star chakra, thus connecting you to your Higher Self.  It expands the brow chakra (Third Eye) and deepens insight and understanding. Due to its make up of Quartz, Limonite, Kaolinite and Hematite it cleanses and links all the chakras, raising the vibration of each.  It aids clairaudience (particularly the whiter stones Kaolinite).  The more yellow stones (Limonite) aid the sense of oneness to the Earth.  Also it enhances motivation, determination, the will to survive and perseverance.  The redder stones (Hematite) offer protection, particularly against psychic attacks, dissolves negativity and provides grounding.  Amphibole comforts during times of stress and grief, gently easing emotional pain.  It promotes harmony and co-operation, bringing a sense of peace and joy through its calm and gentle energy.  As such, it aids good sleep patterns, as well as depression.  It reduces glandular swellings and fevers.  It is beneficial for the kidneys, liver, skin, ears, circulatory system, skeletal system, especially in aligning the vertebrae and the digestive system.  It is helpful to those undergoing physical changes such as puberty and the menopause.  It is assists those with M.E., fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and post traumatic stress syndrome.                                                                  

Anatase facilitates connection with other realms as well as with the natural world on Earth.   It aids psychic development and helps in understanding the concept of blending past, present, and future energies into the Now.  Anatase both precipitates changes and supports you whilst undertaking any kind of changes in your life, particularly those that you consider most challenging.  It enhances the retaining and assimilation of new knowledge and skills.                                                                                  

Angelite facilitates communication with angelic realms, encourages spiritual development and aids clairvoyance, astral travel and dream recall.  It clears and aligns the higher chakras and refreshes the aura.  It is an excellent stone for balancing the emotions, enhancing communication and overcoming challenges.  Angelite helps protect against worries, and promotes courage and good fortune.  It is good for relieving headaches and reducing infections. It reduces symptoms of throat infections caused by withholding verbal expression.It aids those with depression and anxiety.

Anhydrite helps to break down out-dated thought and behaviour patterns.  It releases stuck emotions and gently cleanses the heart chakra.  It is especially helpful for those who feel burdened by responsibilities.  Anhydrite encourages appropriate verbal expression.  It lowers blood pressure and reduces tension.                        

Anthracite facilitates connection with ancient peoples and their wisdom; bring profound insights and deep understanding of the Self, life’s purpose and the universe.  It is grounding, enabling you to keep your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground.  It dispels negative energies, both from the body and the environment.  Anthracite encourages success in business and projects undertaken.  It lessens physical and mental-emotional pain.  It is beneficial for those with bowel dis-ease.     

Apache Tear (Smokey Obsidian) supports through challenging times and gives considerable comfort at times of grief.  It facilitates understanding, insight, acceptance and forgiveness both at the time and for long-held grievances.  This leads to a sense of calm, peace and harmony.  It removes blockages and toxins from the body, thus cleansing it and making room for positive changes.   Apache Tear protects from any unhelpful energies, including psychic attack.  It is a good protector for those working with energy fields.  It is grounding and helps to keep the ‘feet on the ground’.  It releases tension in muscles and fortifies the body. 

Apatite aligns chakras and meridians. It promotes openness, extroversion and concentration (great for musicians, actors etc).  It reduces apathy, exhaustion, irritability and aggression; easing anger and sorrow.  It aids truthful communication.  Apatite encourages healthy eating habits, great for weight loss!  It stimulates growth of cartilage, bones and teeth and aids healing of broken bones.  It lessens the effects of arthritis, rickets and joint problems.                                     

Black Apatite aids psychic development and intuition.  It offers reassurance in times of crisis and grief and encourages personal growth and an outgoing personality.  It increases motivation and determination and encourages staying focussed on a goal despite obstacles.  Black Apatite promotes having a healthy lifestyle, especially diet.  It stimulates growth of cartilage, bones and teeth.  It lessens the effects of arthritis, rickets and joint problems and aids healing of broken bones.                                                                  

Apophyllite activates and expands the brow and crown chakras, facilitating communication with other dimensions and higher beings and also astral travel, bringing new and profound insight and wisdom.  It enhances meditation, clairvoyance and intuition and augment tarot and oracle card readings.  Apophyllite ‘Tops’ are ideal for healing grids.  It encourages honesty and openness, reduces fears and anxieties and gently releases suppressed emotions.  It removes energy blocks and negative thought patterns.  It reduces the symptoms of allergies and respiratory problems, (particularly asthma) as well as stimulating the nerves.         

Aqua Aura (gold covered Quartz) enhances spiritual development particularly psychic skills and awareness, meditation, telepathy and dream-work.  It aids distant healing work and protects from psychic attack. Aqua Aura enhances communications of all kinds and especially verbal.  It attracts success and prosperity.  It reduces symptoms of dis-ease of the throat, thymus gland, stress-related illness and immune system deficiencies. 

Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth, foresight, mediumistic qualities and clairvoyance.  It promotes honesty, dynamism, persistence and success, coupled with light-heartedness and a happy disposition.  It clears confusion and brings unfinished business to conclusion.  It encourages ‘going with the flow’. Aquamarine regulates growth and hormones by harmonising the function of the pituitary and thyroid glands.  It improves both long and short sightedness.  It calms overreactions of the immune system and is effective for allergies, particularly hay fever.             

Aragonite stabilises spiritual and physical developments that are moving too fast, allowing learning to be assimilated before proceeding.  It is calming and brings a feeling of physical well-being.  It enables flexibility of thinking and behaviour within boundaries.  It promotes a connectedness with nature.  Aragonite regulates the metabolism of calcium, strengthens the immune system and helps digestive disorders.  It is good for the skeleton, particularly spinal problems and aids recovery from broken bones.  It warms the body when chilled by colds or flu.

Banded Aragonite aids intuition alongside psychic and spiritual development.  It heightens awareness of the place of the Self within the Universe.  It balances the subtle bodies, as well as the physical, bringing a sense of peace and well-being.  Banded Aragonite encourages viewing situations from more than one perspective.  It regulates the metabolism of calcium, strengthens the immune system and bone density and helps digestive disorders.                                                                           

Blue Aragonite enhances intuition and psychic abilities and facilitates communication with other realms.  It brings Yin Yang energies of the body into balance.  It lifts the mood and increases thoughts of achievement (I can do it).  It aids verbal communication and speaking from the heart.  Blue Aragonite is helpful against respiratory dis-ease.  It relaxes muscles and reduces tension, anxiety and stress.                                                                   

Astrophyllite aids astral travel and dreaming.  It promotes self-awareness and self-confidence, creating optimism and a positive view of the Self, even during bleak times.  It is grounding and protective.  Astrophyllite removes unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns, making it an ideal stone for those with ADHD, phobias or wishing to change addictive behaviours.  It benefits the reproductive system and also regenerates at the cellular level.  N.B. Do not use when tumours are present. 

Atacamite stimulates images via the brow chakra (third eye).  It protects during astral travel and meditation.  It heals and cleanses on many levels particularly from the heart, throat and brow chakras and the etheric body.  Atacamite is beneficial for the kidneys and liver.  It soothes the nervous system, helping with anxiety, stress and depression.  It aids the functioning of the thyroid gland and endocrine system.  

Atlantisite is a combination of Serpentine and Stichtite.  It aids communication with ancient peoples, giving access to ancient records, including past lives, in order to further our own development for the greater good.  It brings a sense of peace and TLC for the Self.  It balances the subtle bodies and helps bring order to chaos in the mind or the environment.  As such, it aids those with unwanted behaviours including ADHD, and addictions.  It regulates the fluids in the body and is beneficial for those with hypertension, nephritis etc.

Blue Aventurine opens and aids development of the brow chakra (third eye), providing insight and encouraging intuition and creative thinking.  It brings male energies into balance for both males and females.   It aids verbal communication.  Blue Aventurine brings a sense of calmness and contentment by de-stressing and reducing feelings of depression.  It can promote patience and reduce unhelpful stubbornness.  It facilitates general healing and well-being on the physical level and improves vitality and energy.                                                                                 

Green Aventurine stimulates dreaming and accesses deep meditative states of mind.   It activates the heart chakra encouraging love and affection, starting with the Self.  It balances the emotions.  Green Aventurine enhances relaxation, regeneration and recovery following both physical and emotional traumas.  It stimulates fat metabolism and lowers cholesterol levels.  It reduces the symptoms of skin conditions and allergies.  It alleviates pain and is an anti-inflammatory.

Peach Aventurine relaxes the mind, aiding clarity of thought.  It brings the Yin Yang energies of the body into balance.   It enhances creativity, promotes a sense of adventure and strengthens leadership skills.  Peach Aventurine is beneficial for the kidneys and reproductive organs.

Red/Raspberry Aventurine balances male/female energies, enhances creativity and aids decisiveness.  It facilitates the setting of goals and making them a reality.  It cleanses the mind and emotions, promoting a positive attitude towards Self and life.  Red Aventurine increases determination, individuality and enthusiasm. It promotes regeneration and recovery from physical traumas.  It aids fertility in both men and women.              

Yellow Aventurine encourages decisiveness, leadership and action. It increases confidence and self-belief.  It encourages healthy eating and aids the digestion.

Azurite facilitates the development of the spiritual Self.  It aids all psychic pursuits and enhances meditation.  It promotes the acceptance, resolution and release of past beliefs that are no longer helpful, including deep-rooted fears and phobias.  It enhances communication and creativity. Azurite reduces stress-related symptoms and aids general detoxification.  It benefits students as it stimulates the brain and nerve activity.  It reduces the symptoms of depression.  It strengthens the spleen, liver, bones, skin and the thyroid gland.   N.B. Do not cleanse in salt or water and do not place in drinking water.

Azurite-Malachite encourages awareness both of the environment and of others, combined with an honest and helpful approach.  It aids the release of pain and sadness, including depression.  It helps to connect feelings with the intellect.  Azurite-Malachite detoxifies the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies, and stimulates the immune system.  It dissolves unwanted cell growth, including tumours.  It is a powerful stone so use with care.  N.B.  Do not cleanse in salt or water.  Do not place in drinking water.

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