A – Z of Healing Crystals

In the following pages found in the drop down menu above you will find information on some of the healing energies of crystals and minerals. These are from my personal experience of working with each stone and from information given to me by the spirits of the crystals and minerals. Your experiences may be similar or different, neither is better or worse, it just is as it is.

Coloured crystals are placed under their type e.g. Blue calcite is under Calcite, not Blue. The information is for personal use only, please do not copy for other uses.

Over time I will add chemical formulas. crystals systems, crystal habits and so on.

As a general safety precaution do not ingest any crystal or mineral in any form. Be aware that some may cause a reaction to the skin. I have tried to highlight any potential risks, but please take extreme care when working with the ‘stone people’.

Please note that there is very little empirical evidence concerning the efficacy of any of the crystals. If you are concerned about any health issues please consult your medical practitioner.

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