Crystals ‘R – S’

Please note that this information is for entertainment only, it is not meant to replace medical advice; if you are concerned about your health seek an appointment with a medical practitioner.  All of this comprehensive content is © Jane Morris

Reitvasmaakite combines the energies of Fluorite and Amethyst and has its own unique energy, to bring to Light warriors.  The conductivity of Fluorite speeds, directs and focuses the higher vibrational energy of the Amethyst. This facilitates a deeper and more intense understanding of our soul purpose.  It opens up new possibilities of communicating with beings in other dimensions, understanding the meaning of that communication and taking any appropriate action.  It may enable or add extra meaning to astral travel; moving from one time to another.  Working with this crystal appears to be the next step in reaching Ascension, following on from Super Seven, Lemurians etc.  Green Flourite helps to ground excess energy and dissipate emotional trauma.  It protects against computer and electromagnetic stress.  It relieves stomach and intestinal disorders and infections and is beneficial for teeth and bones.  Green Fluorite strengthens and protects the heart chakra.   Amethyst aids meditation and encourages spiritual insight, honesty, inspiration and intuition; opening perceptual awareness.  It supports those freeing themselves from addictions, particularly of alcohol.  It brings comfort during times of sadness, grief and loss.  Amethyst reduces tension, relieves headaches, lessens pain and swellings from injuries and reduces symptoms of lung and intestinal dis-eases.  It is an excellent pain reliever and facilitates healthy sleeping patterns. 

Rhodochrosite promotes a positive and loving attitude and encourages spontaneous and honest expressions of feelings.  It encourages dynamism, motivation and action leading to success.  Rhodochrosite eases emotional pain, leading to emotional healing.  It boosts self-esteem and confidence.  It benefits the circulation, blood pressure, kidneys and reduces tension especially headaches.                                                              

Rhodolite (a variety of Almandine Garnet) energises the chakras and pathways of the subtle body.  It protects against physical harm. When circumstances are at there lowest, it summons the will to carry on.  It increases energy and drive and promotes stability and resolution.  It boosts confidence and self-belief.  It removes inhibitions, along with out dated belief and behaviour patterns; care needs to be taken that this does not become extreme.  Rhodolite is beneficial for the endocrine glands, the metabolism and a sluggish digestive system.  It increases circulation.  It strengthens the feet, legs and hips, particularly when they are weakened by emotional issues.  It benefits the reproductive organs and can help those trying for a baby.  N.B. Use with care if taking medication for the circulatory system.

Rhodonite removes blocks from the heart chakra, whilst offering it protection.  It releases stuck negative emotions, enables resolutions of past grievances and supports current and future friendships.  It brings clear thinking whatever the situation.  It removes tension and eases stress.  Rhodonite is an excellent first aid stone for healing wounds including stings and preventing after shock.  It is beneficial for auto-immune disorders, lung and stomach dis-ease, multiple sclerosis, the heart and circulation.  It can aid fertility.          

Ruby reactivates the heart chakra following a deep or prolonged emotional closedown, gently encouraging it to open up and receive love.  It connects and energises the lower chakras, boosting motivation, determination and the strength to carry on even in challenging circumstances.   Ruby enlivens and promotes enthusiasm for life and focuses away from anything that is unhelpful.  It provides financial stability.  It benefits the spleen, adrenal glands and circulation and aids fertility.

Ruby in Fuchsite clears and strengthens the heart chakra, healing past emotional hurts and replacing these with unconditional love.  It promotes a sense of ‘fair play’, bringing a ‘win-win’ conclusion to actions.  It increases levels of self-confidence and self-esteem and encourages feelings of being in control.  It boosts motivation and determination and provides financial stability.  It benefits the spleen, adrenal glands, circulation the spine and muscle flexibility.  It reduces the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome and aids fertility.

Ruby in Zoisite facilitates spiritual development and past life memory.  It enables individuality whilst connecting to both the rest of humanity and the cosmos.  It energises the subtle bodies.  Determination, competitiveness and ambition are increased.  Ruby in Zoisite aids fertility and potency, regenerates cells and enhances the immune system.  It strengthens the skeletal system and aids the healing of broken bones.      

Salrose (Sphaerocobaltite)strengthens commitment to spiritual development.  It increases motivation and determination along one’s chosen path and boosts the ability to overcome challenges.   It facilitates deeper understanding of the Self.  It absorbs radiation from electrical goods.  Salrose aids healing of all kinds on all levels through amplifying positive energies and is particularly good for children.  It brings peace and resolution to inner child hurts.  It benefits the heart and the immune system and promotes healing of tissue and bone. 

Sandstone eases the acceptance of changes and promotes a ‘go with the flow attitude’.  It reduces feelings of anger.   Sandstone aids the healing of broken bones, and is beneficial for the hair and nails.

Sapphire removes unhelpful and scattered thoughts and encourages the desire for knowledge and wisdom.  Intentions become clear bringing clarity to ideas and thoughts. It reduces depression and physic illnesses.  Sapphire creates stability and structure.  It alleviates pain, lowers fevers and is helpful for intestinal, brain and nervous diseases.  N.B. Only use for short periods due to its aluminum content. 

Sardonyx increases willpower, stability, self-confidence and a helpful attitude.  It aids the absorption of information and increases the understanding of everyday events.  It draws success and good luck.  Sardonyx promotes determination, motivation and a ‘can do’ attitude.  It increases energy and stamina.  It enhances the sensitivity of all the senses, regulates all body fluids and boosts the immune system.  Absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes is enhanced.    

Blue Scapolite encourages independence, initiative and impetus for change.  It facilitates both setting and fulfilling carefully chosen goals, releasing old self-defeating patterns that would previously prevented success.  Blue Scapolite helps those with glaucoma or cataracts.  It promotes healing following an operation or traumatic injury.                                                       

Schalenblende facilitates communication and understanding between the human race and the earth’s energies.  It promotes peace, both in the environment and between people.  It is a strong protector, particularly during travel.  Schalenblende boosts red blood cells and the circulatory system, ensuring good nutrient uptake and increasing energy level.  It improves the immune system and is said to benefit AIDS sufferers.  It is educes dis-orders of the prostate gland.  N.B. Use with care if taking medication for the circulation.

Scolecite provides access to higher realms and ancient wisdom, including Akashic records and past lives, particularly through dreaming.  It helps to make sense of the information received.  It brings the subtle and physical bodies into alignment and releases stubborn blocks.  Scolecite encourages listening to others and is helpful to meetings and groups.  Its gentle energy promotes feelings of peace and contentment, soothing the nerves and releasing anger.  It is beneficial to the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems, spinal column and eyes.                                            

Seftonite brings balance and harmony into a relationship, particularly where individuals have opposite personalities.  It can add impetus to working together and sharing commonalities; the redder stones being more suitable for this.  Seftonite aids concentration and focus and is especially beneficial when learning new information.  It helps restore circulatory balance and aids mobility and movement.                     

Selenite is excellent for clearing and cleansing spaces and auras.  It enhances astral travel and connection to the higher Self and spirit guides.  It facilitates access past lives.  It energises the brain, bringing clarity, focus and aiding concentration; a balanced view then results.  It balances the body’s electrical charge.  Selenite relieves tension and is soothing.  It promotes a calm positive area where several people meet together.  It benefits the nervous system, spine and posture, strengthens teeth and bones, restores elasticity to skin, aids tissue regeneration and helps maintain healthy prostate, testicles and uterus.                         

Sepdiolite (Purple Jasper) aids meditation and dream work.  It offers deep insights to the ancient mysteries.  It removes blockages of both the subtle and physical bodies.  It grounds and protects.  Sepdiolite enhances motivation and determination and raises energy levels.  It is beneficial for the kidneys. 

Septarian speeds up spiritual development and facilitates connecting with ancient races and with creatures and beings of the sea.  It brings emotional stability, consistency and self-trust.  It increases the ability to overcome challenges.  In addition, it promotes assertiveness linked with a flexible attitude.  It aids decision-making by providing insight and the acceptance of differing solutions.  It encourages the transformation of ideas into action by amplifying energy, mastery and success.  Septarian stimulates the metabolism and and and intestinal conditions and encourages healing of tissue and bone.                  

Seraphinite aids spiritual development by opening the crown and higher chakras, connecting with angelic realms and aiding astral travel.  It purifies the heart chakra and raises its vibrations to join the higher chakras.  It boosts psychic skills and intuition.  Seraphinite releases emotional blocks, lifting the mood and allowing past hurtful events to be viewed positively.  It stimulates healing in general and additionally releases muscle tension and soothes the nerves.  It optimises functioning of the kidneys and liver and aids weight loss.               

Serpentine promotes spiritual growth, aids meditation and facilitates connection to angelic realms.  It aligns the chakras and aids past life recall.  It balances the intellect and emotions.  Serpentine is an excellent detoxifier, aids pain relief, particularly menstrual and muscular.  It benefits those with diabetes, and strengthens the skeletal structure.     

Sesame Stone aligns, cleanses and balances the chakras.  It brings all aspects of your life to a balanced wholeness. It helps through stressful times and brings a sense of optimism, joyfulness and tranquillity.  Sesame Stone is beneficial for the skin and lymphatic and respiratory systems.  It aids those with multiple medical problems. 

Red Sesame Stone clears and connects the chakras and awakens the kundalini, heightening awareness and understanding and raising the body’s vibration.  It increases strength, determination and courage during stressful times.  Red Sesame Stone is beneficial for the circulation system and the heart.  It aids those with long standing mental health problems. 

Shattuckite facilitates access to ancient knowledge, bringing a deep and profound understanding.  It enhances psychic awareness and facilitates communication with other realms.  It fortifies the core of the Self, increasing inner strength and confidence and so helps during times of stress.  It aids the accumulation and assimilation of new information.  Shattuckite brings the body into balance and increases general well-being.  It is beneficial for dis-eases of the throat and aids verbal communication.  It is helpful for those with diabetes.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in anyway as it contains Copper.   

Shiva Lingham is found on the banks of the sacred Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, one of India’s seven holy sites.  It is collected and cleaned by the few who know how to; the knowledge is passed down the generations. In Tantra, the shape embodies masculine energy, dynamic expression and knowledge.  The markings, named Yoni, depict the feminine energy, wisdom and intuition.  The Tantric Lingham unifies the dualistic (male/female) world into harmonious balance. Also, it balances both masculine and feminine sides of the individual. The Shiva Lingham Stone is beneficial in overcoming the effects of a poorly nurtured or abusive childhood by supporting working through and resolving past hurts (place on the heart chakra initially and when you are ready move the stone to the sacral chakra).  For this work the Shiva Lingham may be used in conjunction with Chrysoprase.  It increases fertility and encourages and supports mother and child bonding (possibly helping fathers bond also).                                                                                 

Silver is a natural de-stressor; bringing spiritual and emotional harmony.  It removes unhelpful, stuck thought and behaviour patterns.  Silver helps and supports those learning new tasks, expands comprehension and aids fluent speech. It is beneficial for all the fluid systems and organs of the body.  

Smaragdite expands, balances and develops the subtle bodies.  It offers a high degree of protection on all levels.  It strengthens wanted traits and frees unwanted ones.  It encourages releasing beliefs and behaviours that are no longer helpful and allowing fresher helpful ones to take their place.  It promotes well-being and general good health, particularly aiding the immune and skeletal systems.  

Smithsonite facilitates development of all the main chakras and the heart, throat and brow (third eye) chakras in particular.  This aids insight, intuition, (especially through dreams) empathy and expression. It supports positive leadership and new beginnings of all kinds.  It is beneficial for the immune and digestive systems and the sinuses.  Pink Smithsonite’s soft energy helps heal all stress related conditions and can help with recovery from a nervous ‘breakdown’.  Its gentle presence is good for convalescence and for providing a buffer against life’s problems.  Blue Smithsonite eases the birthing process and brings comfort to the new born.             

Snake Dragon Jade connects us to nature’s rhythms and aids communication to the elemental and faery world.  It cleanses the heart chakra, releasing long held restrictions and removing unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that have accumulated over years.  Snake Dragon Jade helps us reach our potential, enabling us to surmount obstacles.  It is beneficial to those with skin dis-ease.

Green Snakeskin pushes us to find our true Self.  It cleanses the heart chakra, releasing long held restrictions and removing unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that have accumulated our years, especially those originating in past lives.  It pushes us to leave our comfort zone and make changes, even when it seems impossible.  It is beneficial to those with skin dis-ease.

Sodalite enhances meditation and offers psychic protection.  It promotes idealism and the search for internal and external truth.  It encourages staying true to your convictions and frees from restrictive ideas.  Sodalite is beneficial for the throat, larynx and vocal cords, lowers blood pressure and stimulates the absorption of fluids.    

Spectrolite strengthens the auric field.  It is a potent aid to meditation and dream work, gently allowing in new information and understanding in manageable pieces.   It promotes working and living for the highest good.  It aids relationships of all kinds.  It brings inspiration, especially when feeling stuck.  Spectrolite reduces tension and brings a sense of hope and optimism.  It aids restful sleeping and is beneficial for the autonomic nervous system.                       

Spinel is a potent healing crystal for all levels and layers.  It cleanses the aura and subtle body pathways.  It facilitates the removal of physical, mental and emotional blockages.  It activates the new positive energies and renews tired or worn out cells.  Spinel helps us to face challenges and to see the positive in people and situations.  It draws abundance and success.   In addition, Red Spinel increases willpower, motivation, competitiveness and the will to survive. BLue Spinel aids expression and creativity in any way.  It is an excellent detoxifier and can reduce tumours and growths.  Black Spinel absorbs negative energies and grounds.  

Staurolite promotes connection to the ancient wisdom of the Middle East.  It shows us the next stage on our contractual path.  It unites and connects all the levels of the body.   It shows us which direction to take when we feel that we are at one of life’s crossroads.  Staurolite reduces symptoms of stress, depression and grief.  It is very helpful in releasing the body from addictions, particularly smoking.   It reduces growths and fevers, and aids healing the cell structure.                                            

Stibnite aids meditation and connecting to higher realms and beings and to other dimensions.  It quickly clears and repairs the aura, which can be uncomfortable and unsettling initially.  In addition it offers psychic protection and grounds.  It attracts abundance and success.  Stibnite strengthens the hips and legs, easing the ability to move, both physically and metaphorically.  It benefits all parts of the digestive system.  N.B. Do not place in drinking water or ingest in any way due to Antimony content.

Stichtite brings a sense of peace and calm, both to the Self and the environment. It supports you in being true to your self and living your life in accordance to your ‘contract’. It eases the transition of the heart chakra from the lower vibrations of the colour of green to the higher ones of pink, which is pivotal in developing the Self.  Stichtite benefits teeth and gums and repairs the elastic function of the skin after it has been stretched e.g. childbirth, weight loss.  It is helpful for children said to have ADHD or similar conditions.                                                  

Stilbite increases psychic ability and intuition, giving focus and meaning to these gifts.  It enables communication with spirit guides, angels and totem animals.  It enhances astral traveling and protects the astral body during its journey.  Stilbite helps us to let go of ‘baggage’ that is holding us back.  It strengthens ligaments, eliminates toxins from the body and rejuvenates the senses. 

Stromatolite has an ancient and earthy energy that facilitates communication with ancient civilisations and deities, as well as those from the Otherworlds.  For some people, it can become a gateway to accessing the Akashic records.  It aids past life recall and accessing the root beginnings of current beliefs and behaviours.  It breathes life into new endeavours and increases motivation and determination.   Stromatolite helps recovery from chronic illness and encourages cellular regeneration.  It is beneficial to the circulatory system, lungs, blood flow, and the functioning of the pineal gland.                                                                                                                              

Strombolite connects the chakras from the earth star to the soul star, thus linking the Earth energies to the Universal ones.  It facilitates connecting to the Higher Self and deepens understanding of our purpose in this life.  It encourages making positive changes in all aspects of life to fulfil this purpose.  It brings a sense of renewal, energy and focus.  Strombolite lifts the mood; filling the mind and the emotions with positive energies.  It reduces the symptoms of all forms of neurosis and is beneficially for the functioning of the lungs, brain, muscles and cardiovascular system.     

Sturmanite aids communication at all levels.  It reduces feelings of anxiety and stress by providing a sense of ‘go with the flow’.Itincreases confidence and self-belief and is grounding.  Sturmanite is beneficial for the skeletal and circulatory systems.                            

Sugilite expands all psychic endeavour including astral travel, channelling, divination, healing etc., leading to deeper knowledge and understanding and much enhanced skills.  It encourages living your own truth and facing the challenges that this brings.  It offers protection for those who take on the problems of others.  Sugilite facilitates connecting to your inner child, aids the grieving process and dissolves unhelpful fears.  It reduces pain, harmonises the nerves and brain and helps with motor disturbances e.g. dyslexia.  It reduces nightmares.  When used with Moldavite their energies are increased tenfold!      

Sulphur encourages happiness, vitality and a love of life.  It helps us to respond positively and assertively in previously challenging situations and relationships.   Sulphur encourages a constructive view of the Self.   N.B. Do not place in drinking water.  N.B. Do not cleanse in water or salt.

Sunstone aids communication with guardian angels, spirit guides and totem animals.  Although largely focused on the sacral chakra, it connects all of them and clears the pathways between them.  It encourages a belief in good fortune and happiness by bringing out the best of the Self.  Sunstone has an anti-depressive effect, lifting the mood and increasing self-esteem and confidence along with optimism and motivation.  It kick starts the healing of long standing illnesses.  It stimulates the autonomous nervous system and harmonises the functioning between all organs.  

Blue Sunstone (Starstone) aids meditation, psychic ability, intuition and insight. It encourages the third eye (brow chakra) to open.  It raises the vibrations of the chakras, especially the higher ones.  It assists with communication of all kinds.  Blue Sunstone helps lift the mood and bring a sense of optimism and hope.  It is beneficial to the respiratory system, liver and kidneys.

Super Seven activates, purifies, balances and energies all the chakras.  When used in meditation it facilitates a connection to Home and travelling to it by activating your Merkabah.   (Always have a grounding stone to hand).  It provides a strong link to your higher self and your inner knowing, which aids making the best decisions and finding the most appropriate solutions.  The Super Seven fortifies the immune system, harmonises all the systems of the body, benefits skin and bones and reduces internal healing.                                                                   

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