November’s Full Moon

November’s Full Moon falls on the 30th at 09.31 GMT on the 9th degree of Gemini, with the Sun on the opposite 9th degree of Sagittarius. A Full Moon makes us aware of something, with the Sun (consciousness), illuminating the Moon (unconscious). 

One name for this moon is Mourning Moon.  As the days grow shorter and it becomes colder, we mourn the sun’s passing and wonder if he will return. With the sun seemingly dying, this moon reminds us that death is just a normal part of the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth.  For some early Celts, November was the beginning of the new year, and so this time is also about new beginnings following on from a death or ending. 

The Mourning Moon is a time of cleansing.  Acknowledge and let go of fears and the worries that are holding you back and the bad habits that are negatively affecting your mental, physical and emotional health, give yourself permission to mourn their passing and start a fresh for a happier new year.  Sweep through your home, work-place, relationships, mental, spiritual and emotional baggage, clearing anything no longer necessary or helpful.  Think of ways to replace these with, positive and supportive thoughts, behaviours, people, items etc. 

This moon is often referred to as Beaver Moon in the USA.  During this month, beavers are very active, working hard on dam construction, and therefore this was a good time to hunt them and harvest their fur to make warm winter clothing to keep from freezing during the extreme cold of winter.

Take time to look back at what you have accumulated this year, think if and how it is helpful to you and clear away anything or anyone that is detrimental to your well-being (not just someone/something you have temporarily fallen out with!).  What will you let go of to make room for something more beneficial?  What must you do to ensure your safety and comfort this winter? 

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