My Samhain Altar

Here is a photo of my Samhain sacred space. There is a rabbit skin for the sacrifice of animals for humans to eat to sustain them through the winter; a Bear entering the Crone’s Cave; a bog wood Raven amulet; Black Obsidian for scrying whilst the veil is thin; a dead leaf, dry nuts and berries symbolising death, decay and ultimate rebirth, Marigolds both fresh and dying as a symbol of the Ancestors, two Crones around a Cauldron and Tumblestones representing the four directions and a Moon for the dark half of the year. All amongst an Amethyst bed, an Orange River Quartz bed (covered by rabbit), Goblet and Horn for the Goddess and God, Twigs and smal Antlers, Feathers and a Woodland being.

The cards are Yew (13) from The Tree Angel Oracle by Fred Hageneder and Anne Heng, Yew (IDHO) form The Green Man Tree Oracle by John Matthews and Will Worthington and The Guardian (15) and The Journey (13) from Wild Wood Tarot by John Matthews and Mark Ryan.

Here is my leather Death Mask plaque, which is on my wall as a permanent reminder that we are here for a short time and to make the most of it.

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