Third thoughts on the Mabon/Alban Elfed

There are many activities that are appropriate for this time of the year. Do any of them call to you?

Things to do to connect with this festival.

  • celebrate your abundance/harvest
  • collect seeds – mine are packaged and labelled
  • cook with seasonal produce
  • de-clutter
  • gather last of the herbs – my herbs for drying are safely stored, ready for use
  • make apple cake/pie/crumble – I’ve made an apple cake with apples from my tree
  • make rose hip syrup – I’ve just made mine!
  • make wine
  • offer libation of wine, cider etc. to the earth – I did this at the base of my apple tree
  • walk in fields/woods – frequently!

What can the energies of this festival help you with?

  • attaining harmony
  • being grateful
  • bringing balance
  • bringing equality
  • bringing prosperity/abundance
  • connecting to the underworld
  • giving thanks
  • let go before withdrawing (to emerge later)
  • sacrificing something
Leaves shudder
And blush at your passing, Lord
Remembering the days of summer
When you, Green and pollen bright
Danced in the warm, caressing winds
Proud and vital as the upthrusting oak.
But now the sword-edge of frost
Looms from the mist
Balancing night and day
A blade Poised at your throat.
You shudder,
And the leaves shudder with you.
You grip your heart to the branch
Savouring that one last touch
Then you leap Spiralling through the crisp air
As you dive upon the frost-blade
Dying the leaves
Red with your willing sacrifice.
You rise, your lips
Pale as the blade buried within you
And make your way to the darkened shore
At your feet, the leaves rustle and sigh
And shudder
And blush at your passing

~Lionrhod, Mabon 1994

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