Second thoughts on Mabon/Alban Elfed

This festival is usually celebrated between 20th-23rd September and celebrates the second harvest of fruits and vegetables. The grain harvest being gathered since Lughnasadh (Lammas) is safely in and is now joined by an abundance of fruit and vegetables.

Fruit, vegetables and nuts the product of Mother Nature
Fruit, vegetables and nuts the product of Mother Nature

The Goddess is in her zenith as Harvest Queen/Mother Nature, releasing the reward of labour and reverence of her Land that was promised in the days of Spring and Summer, before She turns into the her Crone aspect for winter, bringing decay, destruction and death. The God has sacrificed himself with the cutting of the last grain before he can return in the spring.

Alban Elfed comes from Welsh, meaning ‘light of autumn’ and is used by some modern pagan and druids. The name Mabon was probably applied quite recently. Mabon is a Welsh deity, son of Modron, who is an Earth/Mother Goddess. Mabon is the Child of Light and has similarities with Lugh. He was abducted from his mother when he was three days old (or three years old) and was thrown into a prison for eons until he was saved by the knights of King Arthur, after asking many creatures, or in some accounts he is rescued by the animals. Whichever way he emerges reborn as a Sun God and becomes his the champion and protector of his Mother, Goddess of the Land. He is a God of Hope and Freedom; he frees caught animals and weakens the chains of all those who are unjustly imprisoned. He protects all that is wild and free and is honoured whenever animals and people are defended or freed.

What did you begin working on earlier in the year that you can now harvest. What do you have in abundance? What do you need to gather to sustain you through the winter months? What do you hope for? How will you free yourself from a difficult situation or relationship?

The Goddess and her Bountiful Gifts
The Goddess and her Bountiful Gifts

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