Strichen Stone Circle

Recumbent and Flanker Stones of Strichen Stone Circle
Recumbent and Flanker Stones of Strichen Stone Circle

Photos from my walk to Strichen Recumbent Stone Circle in Aberdeenshire this morning. It has become overgrown since my last visit. Great panoramic views. For me, not much sense of a Circle history, as each stone feels separate, but each individual stone remembers so much. Perhaps this may be explained from the history of this Circle. This is just one of many stone circles in my part of the world, north-east Scotland.

Strichen Stone Circle is about 15m in diameter, rising from a continuous circle of much smaller stones.

James Boswell and Samuel Johnson visited in 1773 because the latter was keen to see “a Druids’ temple” and Boswell had visited there 15 years previously. However, in 1773 they found that “all that remains is two stones set up on end, with a long one laid upon them, as was usual and one stone at a little distance from them”. In 1830 a tenant farmer pulled down even these remaining stones, though he was ordered to put them back by the laird. The circle he re-created appears to have had little in common with the original erected here around 4,000 years ago and was even in a slightly different place.

The farmer’s re-erected circle was itself removed by bulldozer in 1965. In 1979 the local community council launched an initiative to restore the circle. A major archaeological excavation commenced and over the following four years the circle was rebuilt by local volunteers in its original location.

Here are some photos from my visit 25 June 2010.

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