June’s Full Moon

This month’s Full Moon falls on June 5th at 19.14 GMT on the 16th degree of Sagittarius, with the Sun on the opposite 16th degree of Gemini. 

This Full Moon is also a penumbral lunar eclipse.  Any eclipse of the Moon can only happen at full Moon, when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up in space, with Earth in the middle. Then the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon, creating a lunar eclipse. There are three kinds of lunar eclipses: total, partial and penumbral.  In a penumbral lunar eclipse, which this one is, only the more diffuse outer shadow of Earth falls on the Moon’s face. This is the most subtle eclipse, and much more difficult to observe, than the other two. At best, at mid-eclipse, a dark shading on the Moon’s face may be seen.

It is known as Strawberry Moon, for the wild and cultivated strawberries that abound during this month.  Other names are Hot Moon for the increasing heat, Lovers Moon for the number of marriages in June and Honey Moon for the gift from the bees as honey or mead.   

This is the month to maintain and enhance what you already have, whether within yourself, family, social circle, workplace or environment e.g. contact the friend who you keep meaning to get in touch with, enjoy time with your family, tidy your garden, learn something new etc.

This time of the year is a resting space between planting and harvesting crops, and so is ideal to take time out for weddings as the weather is warming and the daylight longer for celebrations. Ancient peoples di not want to be thought of as trying to compete with the God and Goddess who joined at Beltane, so couples chose this time of relative ease to commit to each other. The newly wed couples were given food and drink containing honey for the whole month to encourage love and fertility; hence the holiday of newly-weds being called a honeymoon.

Mead with smoker for the bee hive

Some early fruits and vegetables have appeared, the air is full of the aroma of flowers, the days are getting longer, and Winter seems a long time ago.  Enjoy this breathing space between the frantic spring and autumn seasons and the abundance that is now beginning to come in.

What or who will you nurture?  What will you create and love during this honeymoon time?  How much sweetness will you spread?  How will you fill the space between the your seasons?  Looking at your relationships of all kinds, do you wish to maintain them, do they need you to make an improvement?

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