Third thoughts on Beltane

Things to do

Bannock Cake

There are many things to do that are appropriate at this time.  Here are some suggestions, obviously some things will need to be adapted for the current situation, but let your imagination go!

  • Ask for the blessings of one of the Beltane Gods or Goddesses
  • Bake Bannock cakes (oats are associated with this festival)
  • Be wild (within reason!)
  • Commune with the faeries
  • Dance around a Maypole – symbol of the Gods potency
  • Do something that enlivens you
  • Draw up the burgeoning energy of the earth into your body to increase your energy flow
  • Find somewhere to commune with nature and/or the Fae
  • Gather the first herbs of the season
  • Jump the Bonfire for Blessings, Protection, Fertility etc (tie the ashes into a bag and carry for fertility)
  • Hang Rowan twigs over doorways for protection
  • Jump the Bonfire for blessings, protection, fertility etc (tie the ashes into a bag and carry for fertility)
  • Make a wish at a Hawthorn tree
  • Make and wear leafy green masks to represent the returning Green Man
  • Make daisy chains, fresh flower wreaths and circlets or wear flowers
  • Mark the boundaries of your circle with oatmeal
  • Meditate on the heart chakra
  • Purify your ritual tools in your Bel-fire
  • Quicken something you have been planning
  • Sow seeds
  • Visit a Hawthorn tree or holy well
  • Wash yourself in May morning dew for magickal potency and ensuring your youth and beauty in the coming year

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