Second thoughts on Beltane

The Goddess in Her Maiden Aspect

Beltane is the time when the goddess chooses her mate and weds him, thus granting him sovereignty.  It is always the Goddess/Queen who gives sovereignty to the God-King.  There are many stories of a Goddess/Queen being fought over to gain her sovereignty by two Gods/Kings representing the dark/ winter and light/summer.  A reason why this festival may be seen as both for the God and the Goddess.

Marriage of The God and Goddess

The Goddess is in her alluring Maiden aspect; the May Queen/Bride, Goddess of Spring, Flower Bride, Queen of the Fairies, all symbols of purity, growth and renewal.  (The Crone turns to stone or goes into the earth on Beltane Eve.). Hawthorn blossom, also known as May, symbolises female fertility, with its creamy/ white, fragrant flowers.  It is unlucky to bring the blossom into the house, apart from on May eve. 

Hawthorn May Blossom

Who do you need to join forces with?  Would you offer sovereignty to anyone, if so who?  What are you hoping to create at this time?  Who will you join forces with to create something special?  Who do you need to make better relationships with?                                                                                                                                                

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