April’s Full pink moon

April’s Full Moon falls on 8th April at 03:35 in Libra. It is the second in a series of three Super Full Moons (March, April and May) and the first in Spring. A Super Full Moon takes place when the Moon is near its closest approach to Earth (perigee). Because it’s so close to Earth, a Super Full Moon looks about 16% brighter than an average Full Moon and is about 30% brighter than a Micro Full Moon.
Names for this Full Moon include Pink Moon (from the pink phlox flowers and cherry blossom at this time), but note the Moon is not seen as pink, Other names for this Full Moon include Hare Moon, Egg Moon (both relating to spring and Easter) and Paschal Moon (because it is used to calculate the date for Easter; the first Sunday after this Moon is Easter Sunday).
During these strange and challenging times, it may be difficult to think beyond the immediate, however there will be better times. Seasonally, this is a time of growth and becoming, of resurrection and hope. Perhaps you have noticed strengths that you had forgotten or did not recognise you had. What do you want to see growing now in your life? What new things can you enjoy? What do you hope for? Make a wish as you gaze at this month’s Full Moon and bring hope and becoming into your life.

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