Natural Combination Therapy

Some items you may get in your Natural Combination Therapy Kit

Natural Combination Therapy uses a combination of sound (drum, tingshas, singing bowl etc.), reiki, aura cleansing, chakra balancing and other techniques alongside crystals, non-medicinal herbs and vibrational essences to bring your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies into balance, leading to help on a physical level as well. Devised by Jane Morris, using her skills and experience of over 40 years, NCT uses an eclectic approach tailored to your individual needs to enable you to make changes to reach your chosen goal e.g. reducing anger, sadness, unwanted behaviours, unhelpful beliefs, and replacing them with increasing confidence, self-esteem, belief in yourself and feelings of joy and peace.
You will be given your own personalised ‘kit’ to take home to help you further. This may include such items as crystals, herbs, wood, candle, oil, vibrational essence as appropriate for your goal. A 60-minute session costs £35 and includes your own kit.

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