Charm Bag: Gift Idea

Looking for an unusual gift? The photo displays an example of a Charm Bag handmade and sold by MHC. The one shown is ‘I Succeed’ and contains the plants and resin of Broom, Heather, Clover, Peppermint, Frankincense encased in a handsewn felt bag, the stones are Orange Calcite, Chrysoprase, Zircon and a Quartz Rune, as well as Bergamot Oil, Yellow Candle and a Feather.
Other Charm Bags available are named ‘I Am Protected’ – ‘I Have Material Abundance’ – ‘My Pathway to Wellness’ and ‘I Attract a Loving Life Partner’. They all contain individually chosen and appropriate items including plants and a resin in a handsewn felt bag, three crystals and a quartz rune, a candle, an oil for anointing the candle and a feather for carrying your wishes. A list of contents and instructions is supplied with each Charm Bag. All this for £12!
Please contact MHC for further details.

No photo description available.

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