Essence Therapy

Essence Therapy uses Flower, Crystal and other Vibrational Essences that facilitate healing by gently releasing unhelpful, buried emotions and thought patterns, which are used unconsciously to create who we think we are and how we react to situations and to people. They help by bringing the emotional and mental states into a natural balance.
Each essence contains the energetic imprint of a specific flower, tree, crystal, colour, light, environment etc. and is maintained in a preservative, usually an alcohol. The energies ‘captured’ provide a positive balancing force, which in a gentle and natural way help to release the energetic patterning of old thoughts, attitudes and emotional issues that no longer serve you. This re-patterning effects change at a causal level bringing harmony and balance to emotions, mind and spirit. Essences can be used in any situation where there is a lack of well-being in some aspect of your life, be that emotional, mental or spiritual.
During an Essence Consultation the practitioner will chat with you about what is happening in your life, how you would like it to be and what is preventing you achieving your aims. S/he will then make up a personalised Essence bottle for you, using the Essences that will best aid you. S/he may use a pendulum, muscle testing or her/his own intuition or logic to choose the appropriate blend of Essences.
Unlike chemical drugs which suppress symptoms, Vibrational Essences are catalysts for emotional change, and work by stimulating awareness. Most people feel clearer, calmer, or better able to cope. Often it is the comments of others close to us which first alerts us to changes taking place e.g. ‘you seem calmer, more focused, happier, less afraid etc.’
The easiest way to use an Essence is place drops on the pulse points e.g. wrists or on the area affected by the mental or emotional imbalance e.g. on the temple for easing a headache (NB not to an open wound). Or, place drops in the bath before soaking in it, on a radiator or light bulb or spray the environment, aura or specific areas.
Essences can be used in conjunction with, and as a complement to, any other form of medical or complementary treatment. However, if you are have any concerns please consult your GP. Essences should not to be used in cases of psychosis, schizophrenia and similar, as the underlying pathology is not just a ‘simple’ psychological imbalance.
If you are allergic to an individual flower, do not ingest them and if you are intolerant to alcohol please consult your Essence practitioner who may make you an Essence with another preservative.
MHC offers Essence Therapy and has essences and sprays for sale. For more information ask for Jane who is a Member of the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association and is based at Mintlaw Holistic Centre.
© Jane Morris Mintlaw Holistic Centre

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