Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing gently releases unhelpful energies from the chakra system, cleansing and returning it to balance, restoring a harmonious flow of energy throughout the system. It brings a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation, centeredness, and increased vitality by using a combination of tools and techniques. Tools that may be worked with include small Broom Brush, Wood Wands, Crystals, Aura Spray, Drum, Rattle, Tingshas, Singing Bowl, whilst techniques may include Reiki, Breath and Affirmations.
Conditions that Chakra Balancing benefits include; tiredness and generalised low energy, unbalanced emotions, low mood, unhelpful thoughts, lack of confidence, feeling nervous or anxious, feeling put upon by others, being over-bearing, angry, unable to express yourself clearly, unable to think clearly, lack of trust in yourself, others or the universe and more…

Chakra Balancing is available at MHC, either as a 30, or 60 minute session.

Posted by Mintlaw Holistic Centre

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