Aura Cleansing

The aura interacts constantly with the energy of others and our surroundings and can absorb some of that energy, whether it is helpful or harmful to us. Also, our own thoughts and emotions affect our auras, constantly changing them, as does what we eat, drink or otherwise absorb into our body. The positive or unhelpful effects of these stimuli depend on what and how much our aura connects with or absorbs. Too much unhelpful or harmful energies contained in our aura may result in feeling tired, depressed, unbalanced, anxious or physically or mentally ill. Cleansing and then protecting our aura is an essential aid to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

There are many ways to cleanse and protect the aura, either for yourself or via a therapist.
Visualise a Body of Light
Aura Spray
Using Crystals
Walk in Nature in the Sunlight
Smudge yourself or a space

MHC offers a 30-minute Aura Cleansing that gently releases unhelpful energies from your aura, cleansing and restoring the auric layers to balance and protecting them through a combination of tools and techniques. Also, MHC has hand-made Aura Cleansing Sprays to use at home.

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