New Moon and a Super New Moon

Last night’s New Moon was a Super New Moon, which is when the New Moon is around the closest point to Earth (perigee). The next Super Moon is expected on 9th March 2020 with another on 8th April 2020.
The New Moon sets the tone until the Full Moon a fortnight later which is seen as the ‘result’ of how we all expressed the promise or potential of the New.
New Moon (aka Dark Moon), lasts around three days. It ends the darkness and begins the returning light to the Moon. She cannot be seen until a thin crescent of light is visible, as she rises and sets with the Sun at this time. The New Moon phase is the time to begin thinking of taking action. It encourages new beginnings, for starting new projects and for any ritual work to draw things to you. (The trick, of course is to keep the momentum going!)
What ideas and plans will you set in motion? What will you draw towards you?

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